Work From Anywhere

Connect and collaborate, support employees and customers, and secure the workforce. Do it now, from anywhere!

Many corporates now plan to implement work from anywhere facility for their employees. Swan offers easy steps to implement Work from Home/Anywhere for our customers. Partnering with LogMeIn, we have the best of the breed solutions to help your employees connect and collaborate to work uninterruptedly, be it a pandemic or any unusual situation. Remote support tools for IT helpdesks add up to provide a fast and efficient remote support to the workforce for generating best outcome of their efforts. Adding to the portfolio, LogMeIn now also provides Swan with even more ways to effectively secure, manage and access all devices for employees and customers, regardless of their location.

The key challenges that organizations with on-premise infrastructure face today are:

  • Technology hiccupsTechnology
  • Team CommunicationTeam
  • Monitoring & Supervision Monitoring &
  • SecuritySecurity
  • VisibilityVisibility

Key Areas

  • Connect

    Connect and collaborate from anywhere.

    Enable your employees to communicate and work seamlessly from anywhere or any device.

  • Support

    Support Employees and Customers.

    Empower your helpdesk & IT teams to support the remote workforce and customer base.

  • Secure

    Secure your workforce.

    Equip your workforce with proven security without worrying about location, network or device.


Connect and collaborate

Empower teams of all sizes to communicate and collaborate—from anywhere, on any device.

  • GoToTraining

    Improve training and learning outcomes with collaboration tools, easy screen sharing, recording, and one-click setup.

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  • GoToMeeting

    The trusted online meeting software for millions to communicate and collaborate on any device, anywhere.

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  • GoToWebinar

    Webinars that make it simple to effectively engage and interact with a remote audience whenever, wherever.

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Secure your workforce

Secure your employees’ identity, access, data, and passwords wherever they work.

  • LastPass Premium

    Stop wasting time writing down, remembering and resetting passwords. LastPass keeps the rest secure.

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  • LastPass Enterprise

    Protects every access point through an all-in-one single sign-on and password manager solution.

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Support employees and customers

Support, access, and manage all devices for customers and employees, regardless of location.

  • LogMeIn Pro

    Provide anywhere, anytime access to all your devices, files, applications and information.

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  • LogMeIn Central

    Mitigate the risk of cyber threats and proactively solve concerns before they become problems.

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  • Rescue

    Securely connect to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at anytime.

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  • GoToAssist

    Resolve issues by delivering web-based support to customers, end users, computers and servers.

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  • Bold360

    A conversational chatbot and virtual customer assistant solution to help engage with customers.

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Know more about how Swan also joined hands with LogMeIn and solved its communication problem using GoToWebinar.

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