We are a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions that empowers organizations of all sizes and types to serve today’s generation of mobile-centric users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives.

Swan Solutions along with Aruba’s mobile-first approach optimizes for the digital workplace. With an integrated wired and wireless access layer portfolio, secure IoT support, and advancements in network management and security solutions, Aruba is ready for your mobile-cloud world.

Benefits include:

  • Single architecture across headquarters, branch and home.
  • Management options including local, cloud, and on-premises.
  • Sophisticated security that protects internal assets, blocks malware, supports guest access, and isolates sensitive traffic from the rest of the networks.
  • High performance to accommodate a range of device and traffic types, including data, voice, and video.
  • Cost-effectiveness with controller less APs which can eliminate hardware and maintenance expenses, but integrate all critical components for ease of management.


Adapt your security to new threats

The ever-increasing number of IoT devices and an always on-mobile work force have exposed the organization’s network infrastructure to more attacks than ever before. There is need a for a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response – based on set policies. Is your business ready?

Businesses need to constantly keep an eye on the advances in the IT world. With the increasing use of such devices along with the security risk that they bring, there is a scathing need to bring in the tools that provide visibility, access control and mobility that can secure the work environment. This is where Aruba ClearPass Network Access Control steps in.

Why Aruba ClearPass Network Access Control?

Aruba provides device visibility, control and attack response for the enterprise. Identifying who and what connects to the network is the first step to securing your enterprise. Control through the automated application of wired and wireless policy enforcement ensures that only authorized and authenticated users and devices are allowed to connect to your network. At the same time, real-time attack response and threat protection is required to secure and meet internal and external audit and compliance requirements

As IT valiantly fights the battle to maintain control, they need the right set of tools to quickly program the underlying infrastructure and control network access for any IoT and mobile device – known and unknown. Today’s network access security solutions must deliver profiling, policy enforcement, guest access, BYOD onboarding and more to offer IT-offload, enhanced threat protection and an improved user experience.

Benefits of Deploying Aruba

ClearPass solves challenges by delivering device identity, policy control, workflow automation and automated threat protect from a single cohesive solution. ClearPass enables you to define policies that work in any environment by capturing and correlating real-time contextual data. The benefits are listed below:

  • Enforce Wired and Wireless Policy

    • Define what devices can and cannot do, and what infrastructure, applications and data they can access.
    • Close the gap between encrypted wireless and open-wired ports.
    • Strengthen BYOD security while simplifying application and device authentication.
  • Streamline network security management

    • Unify threat and potential breach response with leading security vendors, all from a single management console
    • Re-enforce your perimeter and know and control what connects inside the business
    • Automate attack responses and unify threat actions with over 100 third-party security and infrastructure vendors

The 3-Step Plan to secure your infrastructure

The use of IoT and interrelated computing devices on wired and wireless networks is shifting IT’s focus. Organizations need to find a way to provide access to these devices without worrying about the security of their networks. How does IT maintain visibility and control without impacting the business and user experience? It starts with a 3-step plan.

  • Identify Icon


    Determining what devices are connecting to the network, their OS, and where they’re connecting from provides the foundation of visibility.

  • Enforce Icon


    Appropriate policies with respect to the device type, the person accessing the network, and their location are enforced.

  • Protect Icon


    Resource protection via dynamic policy controls and real-time threat remediation that extends to third-party systems

Threat detection before damage

Identifying who and what connects to the network is the first step to securing your enterprise. New threats now evolve from inside the organization – attacks involving malicious, compromised or negligent users, systems and devices. Organizations can no longer look at security in the same way. They must plan for existing as well as unanticipated disasters.

The stakes are high and it’s surprising that more companies have not embraced secure NAC to prevent malicious insiders from causing damage to the enterprise. The uses cases are many – control device connectivity; simplify BYOD, secure guest access. Through embedded next generation firewalls, deep packet inspection and content filtering, Aruba branch gateways interpret and apply the permissions assigned to each role without requiring manual changes to the network. Over 7,000 customers in 100 countries have secured their network and their business with Aruba ClearPass for better visibility, control and response.

Building an impenetrable Network Security Solution

Every business faces these unique set of challenges that need a unique set of solution. With devices like laptops, smartphones or tablets, and even IoT devices connecting to the company’s network, care should be taken to not compromise the organization’s security.

Without the expertise of what system works best in what environment and how they might work together, you run the risk of implementing a solution that might turn out to be unfit for your infrastructure.

Swan has a stellar record of deploying enterprise wide wireless infrastructure and security solutions for a number of their clients. To improve your end-to-end security we have partnered with Aruba to give you location-specific expertise for your wired and wireless network solutions.