Software Development

Swan provides software development services in different technologies for Web, Windows desktop and Mobile.

Swan provides software development services in different technologies for Web, Windows desktop and Mobile. Our software services are leveraged by our partnership with several software development comapnies that have executed global projects in different industries

We can undertake on turnkey basis development projects for Banking and Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Media. To know more about the services we offer please click on the websites of our partners shown on the right.

Web Application Development

emQube ranks amongst the top 10 companies in Dubai that offer local software development services. We strongly recommend customers to use off-the-shelf software if suitable to their needs but where it requires a custom built application we are the preferred partners for large and medium enterprises in Dubai and UAE. Our clients are spread across the globe with applications servers housed in Asia, Middle East, America, and Europe.

We have an extensive experience of over 10 years in business analysis, requirements gathering, software design, development, deployment and maintenance. We built robust and scalable software that can grow organically with growing business needs.

Mobile App Development

The advent of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has added a new dimension not just for enterprise applications but also for innovative consumer applications.

emQube started offering services to its customers for extending the reach of their enterprise applications to mobile devices and has rapidly made forays into consumer space by developing apps that make life easier.

Our expertise in mobile app domain is continuously growing and we offer native (iOS, jelly beans, windows ME) as well as adaptive technologies (Sencha, PhoneGap) for mobile application development on both Apple and Android devices.

We are not just a development company but also act as consultants for feasibility, market analysis, UI design and promotion. We can built apps for enterprise applications, retail promotion, life-style, entertainment, healthcare, finance, or any innovative idea.

Windows Desktop Application Development

Desktop development is a relevant technology when it comes to responsiveness, data privacy, cost of operations and multi-tasking windows.

We believe that although web-based application development with cloud deployment is gaining ground, the desktop applications will continue to hold ground for some time now.

We develop desktop applications using Microsoft VB.Net, C# scripting and MS SQL Database. We also built hybrid applications with embedded browsers, and desktop gadgets.

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