Resource Augmentation

Augment your team with skills hard to find and maintain with our qualified and experienced resources.

At Swan, we have skilled professional across all levels of the organization; from administrators to executives. We specialize in IT Staff augmentation, providing resources with required skills and technical capabilities. Applying inputs provided by the best minds in the business and getting best out of it, is the top priority of any organization.

Challenges faced

Almost every organization faces a challenge in managing critical information and delivering projects on time. Amongst the various challenges faced by an organization, the most critical ones are:

  • Limited budget and resources
  • Short span of time
  • Unique skill set required for a unique project
  • Innovative approach and concept

We align our knowledge with your business goals to provide you IT resources which suit your requirement perfectly. We formulate solutions for resource augmentation and map them to your requirements for consistent business growth. We understand the need of staff augmentation for communication, efficiency, project management and deliverables.

We specialize in

  • Providing Dedicated resources

    We provide the right resources, with the right skill, at the right time to fulfill your IT needs. This allows you to get the help you need on a scalable, per project basis and makes it easy to focus on the big picture and your business goals

  • Specialized technical and functional skill sets

    Focus on the skills you need for a particular project — we help you choose an expert, not a generalist. Augment your staffing needs with industry experts that have specialized technical and functional skill sets.

  • Screening of candidates at different levels

    We perform an in-depth assessment and screen candidates at various levels to provide you and your company with the best and the most compatible candidate.

  • Personalized interviews and hiring

    All the advertising, screening, interviewing and reference checking needed to attract and qualify potential employees is not required. We do that for you. Make one call and have the staffs sent that is ready to work and achieve the balance: quality goals with budgetary realities.

Swan Resource augmentation model offers the following benefits

  • Flexibility and Skilled workforce

    Scale your organization and achieve business goals with the best-in-class, experienced and high quality IT talent. Hire on contract basis to increase flexibility.

  • Increased Focus

    Hiring employees for finite amounts of time gives employers flexibility in project scopes and enable businesses to focus on core competencies.

  • Increase in ROI

    We’re all about finding the right people, with the right skills, for the right job. Increase your return on investment with a more experienced and a competent workforce.

  • Better Control

    With augmentation, control your project at all times and perform regular monitoring.

  • Resource Optimization

    By augmenting resources to perform activities that require specific knowledge or expertise, your staff gets to focus only on activities that are important to the functioning of the organization.

Swan has partnered with various small, mid and global corporations to provide qualified and experienced personnel on various technologies. These professionals are committed to providing highly effective services.


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