Open Source Services

Swan helps clients replace proprietary technologies with Open Source to deliver guaranteed lower application costs and greater independence.

Competitive technology solution helps in bringing down the cost, making your resources efficient and expanding your customer base. We guide organizations to inherit robust technology solutions keeping in mind their business needs. Whether it is about choosing the right platform like unix/linux, email, hardware, security and vulnerability assessment, cross platform migration like unix to linux migration, software change management, custom VPN, cloud/hydbrid solution, software firewalls and load balancers, Monitoring network and systems with sms alerting features, email setup, issue tracking, inventory management & more.

We specialize in managing end to end infrastructure solutions. The benefit of letting us do this is that it allows you to focus on your core business while letting us focus on managing the infrastructure, which is our core expertise.

Our specialization in open source implementations and migrating towards the use of Open Source Software (OSS) are the novelty business solutions. We have seen from our customer experiences that there are many benefits to be gained from increasing the use of OSS within a typical organizations IT portfolio, including reduced total cost of ownership, higher stability, increased security and greater overall control.

Our solutions offering also includes monitoring of long and short sms codes with intelligent and analytical reports to help you focus on better resource management. This can be used as a great reference to check if you are missing out on any revenue opportunity, business leads, revenue share, customer feedback etc.

We look forward to partner with you and guide you towards a more secure and productive work environment.