Enterprise Connectivity and Data Services

Connectivity is of vital importance for all businesses. Whether you need to communicate with customers, clients or employees.

Enterprise Connectivity

Nowadays, the minimum requirements for enterprise connectivity are changing rapidly. Even just a few years ago, businesses may have been able to compete with their rivals by simply ensuring that they had an email contact and a fixed-line telephone that it was in operation during normal business hours. However, the growth of mobile technology, web-based applications and cloud computing has meant that a far greater level of connectivity is required than ever before.

Our milestone

We are pleased to inform you that Swan has been empaneled as National Level System Integrator for Marketing and Selling of BSNL Data Services and Supply, Configuration and Maintenance of Customer’s End Equipment, their Network on LAN/WAN etc. for Data Services offered by BSNL.

BSNL, a proven leader in Data Services in India, is known to have an innovative product portfolio built on advanced technology. This association will not only strengthen Swan’s Enterprise Connectivity offerings, but also help us in reaching out to new customers across varied verticals. We aim to make a positive impact on the growth and footprint of BSNL.

Service offerings

  • Leased Circuit (DLC)

    To transmit data between computer and electronic information devices, BSNL provides data communication services to its subscribers. It offers a choice of high, medium and low speed leased data circuits as well as dial-up lines. Bandwidth is available on demand in most of the cities. Managed leased Line Network (MLLN) offers flexibility of providing circuits with speeds of n x 64 Kbps up to 2 Mbps. Useful for internet leased lines and international principle Leased Lines (IPLCs).

  • MPLS VPN (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

    Keeping pace with the technological trend to provide latest and varied value added services to its customers, BSNL harnesses IP Infrastructure based on MPLS Technology to offer world class IP VPN services.

  • Internet Leased Line

    Leased lines are used for Internet, data and even telephone services. They are typically run on fiber optic cables to provide large bandwidth and speed.

  • NOC services

    Exercise network monitoring and control, or network management, over a computer, telecommunication or satellite network.

We also provide VPN services and leased submarine cables.


Gain a competitive edge through our connectivity services.

  • Mobility

    Enterprise connectivity services make your organization completely mobile. It gives your organization the ability to access the internet on multiple devices. You can send and receive information with great speed.

  • Flexibility

    Maintain business continuity and regulate business functions with our connectivity services.

  • Agility

    In this fast moving IT world, keeping up pace with the industry is extremely essential. Achieve the speed advantage with enterprise connectivity.

    With these services, be up to date with industry standards and gain an advantage over your competitors.To view our empanelment certificate, click here.


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