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Where can you get public cloud scalability with
on-premise security and control?
IDC says to take a look at "HPE Flexible Capacity"
HPE Flexible Capacity  Private Cloud Benefits with the Economics of Public Cloud: A win-win situation for CIOs & CFOs
In today's volatile IT environment, IT organizations that "chase" IT capacity have trouble getting it right. They typically either overprovision, which ties up capital that could be used for other purposes, or they underestimate capacity needs, run short, and end up missing out on business opportunities. A public cloud provides some answers. But the HPE Flexible Capacity service provides better ones.
Public cloud agility in your Datacenter
With a public cloud, IT departments can scale capacity up or down quickly, paying only for what they use. This is a much faster process than a traditional buying cycle. HPE Flexible Capacity does exactly the same-except your infrastructure is not on a public cloud. It's in your own data center.
HPE Datacenter Care comes standard
HPE Datacenter Care teams are there to help operate the IT environment, proactively address issues, and quickly address any that do occur. So you can stop worrying about capacity and spend more time on innovations that move your business forward.
Public cloud vs. HPE Flexible Capacity
Due to security and compliance issues, certain industries (healthcare and financial, for example) may not be able to use a public cloud. For others, a public cloud doesn't provide the performance they need. Still others use applications that don't function in a public cloud, or there may be latency or sovereignty issues. With HPE Flexible Capacity, these problems all disappear.
Your infrastructure is on site, so you can meet all security and compliance requirements. You can choose hardware and software, and upgrade as needed, so performance is not an issue. The cost? You simply pay for usage, based on a minimum commitment. No procurement cycle, no capital investment, no surprises. Just a monthly fee that's easy to predict and manage.
"HPE Flexible Capacity…supports servers, storage, networking, software, and converged systems (with) the ability to pay as you go using opex rather than capex."
-IDC Technology Spotlight Flexible Capacity: A Scalable On-Premise Datacenter
Platform with Public Cloud Advantages
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