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A data breach can devastate an organization
Prominent data breaches
UBER - In October 2016, the email addresses and phone numbers of over 57 million Uber customers and the license numbers of 600,000 drivers were accessed by hackers. Uber secretly paid hackers $100,000 to keep quiet but in November of 2017, Uber decided to disclose the attack to the public.
YAHOO - Yahoo! reported two major data breaches, one occurred in August 2013 while the other was in late 2014. 3 billion users' personal data including names, email addresses, phone numbers, security questions, date of birth and hashed passwords were exposed.
SONY - In November 2014, Sony's movie The Interview caused a stir by a group called Guardians of Peace. The group claimed to take more than 100 terabytes of data from Sony, installed malware on employee computers and stole confidential data.
Steps to protect your company data
Educate & TrainEDUCATE &
Encrypt PC and DevicesENCRYPT PCs &
Create a Internal CloudCREATE AN
Swan's expertise in cybersecurity provides a holistic security solution that can cater your front-end and back-end infrastructure - with an assurance that your infrastructure is not exposed to any unwanted breaches.
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