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Lending start-up faces data loss, gets ransom demand from hackers.
Secure your data from a cyber-attack
A few steps to secure your organizations data from a cyber-attack.
Secure the Data, not just the systems
It is important for companies to realize that not just the system,
even the data needs a layer of security around it.
Locate sensitive data
You need to identify, track & maintain your sensitive data in secure areas.
Encrypt & Tokenize it
Whilst choosing a security solution, ensure that it protects your
data & sensitizes it.
Safeguard and manage your crypto keys
Make sure that your keys are stored securely & separately from your
encrypted data.
key facts
More than 3.3 Billion data files were breached in the first 6 months of 2018 itself
More than 96% of these breaches occurred on data that was not encrypted
This is 72% higher than the amount in 2017
Why has data protection become a necessity? Realizing the value that data holds in today's society Governments and organizations have started to implement strict regulations upon data protection and data security. GDPR, PCI-DSS and tokenization are a testament to the growing importance of data security today.

Swan's expertise in cybersecurity lies in the fact that we provide a holistic security solution that can cater your front-end and back-end infrastructure - giving you a sense of security, and assurance that your infrastructure is not exposed to any unwanted breaches.
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