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Windows XP is now End of Support - Protect your legacy systems with Symantec's Critical System Protection
Do you still have legacy Windows XP devices on your network?
Are you at risk of not being fully migrated by the April 8, 2014 deadline when Microsoft stops offering support?
As of April 8, no new security patches will be developed for Windows XP. History has shown that when Windows NT and 2000 went end of support, vulnerabilities actually increased in numbers and severity. Especially within Healthcare, the prevalence of legacy applications and medical devices requiring Windows XP makes it more difficult to completely eliminate Windows XP operating systems in the organization. But, just because you can't eliminate all legacy devices in your environment doesn't mean you have to leave yourself vulnerable and at risk.
Symantec Critical System Protection (CSP) is an industry leading host based intrusion detection and prevention (HIPS/HIDS) solution that provides a compensating security control for your legacy devices to ensure compliance with industry regulations and protection from the latest threats.
Benefits of Symantec CSP
Protects against known and unknown OS and application vulnerabilities and exploits
Calls out the protection from "Zero Day Vulnerabilities"
Protects your Medical Devices that use Microsoft XP or legacy operating system (in cooperation with the device manufacturer)
Comprehensive threat protection without the need for signature-based detection
Policy-based protection to detect and protect against malware, penetration-oriented threats and abuse of user privileges
Extends the use of legacy systems without leaving yourself vulnerable
Prevents having to pay for costly extended support from Microsoft for legacy operating system support
Maintain protection and compliance with industry regulations after OS end-of-life
Provides evidence of patch and configuration change history and controls

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