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With the increase in Server 
Consolidation & Virtualization, LOAD BALANCING IS A NECESSITY
The E250GX is an affordable, reliable layer 4-7 load balancer. Regardless of the application or environment, the E250GX scales your applications while staying within your budget. The E250GX features Coyote Point's legendary reliability and simplicity in an affordable appliance package.
Quality, Reliability & Advanced Application Delivery within Budget
Special Offer
Load Balance More Than the Web
Web applications aren't the only servers in the data center. With the E250GX, you can load balance Email servers, Portal servers, ERP applications, File Transfer (FTP) servers, Terminal Services and much more. The E250GX provides scalability and high availability for all your applications in one seamless step.
Scaling to Capacity
The E250GX provides ample capacity to manage mission-critical web application, content or infrastructure servers. The E250GX scales as your business grows to support up to 64 clusters containing 16 servers each. No other product in its class is as scalable and reliable.
High Availability that's Easy to Manage
Coyote Point's E250GX simplifies the maintenance and management of both servers and applications. When the inevitable outages occur, IT staff need not be on hand to swap out failed hardware or diagnose application failures. Equalizer's Active Content Verification (ACV) goes beyond the basic ping checks to actually test end-to-end application functionality. When a failure is detected, E250GX seamlessly redirects traffic to the best available server without administrator intervention. Planned or unplanned maintenance is simplified as individual servers can be easily added or removed from clusters without impacting application availability. Finally, no more midnight upgrades, no more weekend maintenance schedules, and no more calls from frustrated users.
Predictable, Reliable and Consistent
The bottom line for any business is making sure services offered are predictable, reliable and consistent. Offering that quality means having an infrastructure that promises the same. The E250GX delivers on that commitment.
Features Benefits E250gx Performance and Capacity
Load balance Web, email, file transfer and database protocols Predictable, reliable and consistent application delivery L4 Connection/Sec 62,000
600 Mb/s L4 throughput, 200Mb/s L7 throughput Scale up existing applications without additional development L7 Request/Sec 8,500
Support high availability deployments Eliminate single points of failure, assure application uptime L4 Throughput 600 Mbps
Add and remove servers without service interruption Eliminate midnight and weekend schedules for upgrades and maintenance L7 Throughput 200 Mbps
Configure and install in less than 30 minutes Easy to install and manage Max Clusters 64
    Servers per Cluster 16
    SSL Offloading 180 Transactions/second
    Network Topologies Full-NAT, Half-NAT, Direct Server Return (DSR)
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