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Symantec Data Center security
What is Symantec Data Center Security???
Symantec Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced 6.0 represent new Symantec offerings providing security for servers in the data center.
Symantec Data Center Security: Server delivers agentless malware protection for VMware® infrastructures via a security virtual appliance, and enables security policy orchestration and automated workflows within the software-defined data center (SDDC).
Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced extends Data Center Security: Server by incorporating technologies previously known as Critical System Protection. Server Advanced provides granular, policy-based controls via a low impact in-guest agent to monitor and protect heterogeneous physical and virtual server environments.
With Data Center Security: Server Advanced, organizations can
Make security responsive to SDDC architectures
Stop zero-day exploits and targeted attacks
Secure legacy systems and mitigate patching
Gain real-time visibility and control into compliance
Whys It Important
By 2014, 75% of servers will be virtualized- Forrester 2013
By 2015, 40% of security controls used in Enterprise data centers will be virtualized, up from less than 5% in 2010- Gartner 2013 Servers
94% of all data compromised involved servers (+18% YoY)- Verizon 2012 - And 96% of victims subject to PCI DSS had not achieved compliance (+7%)
52% of IT executives say that most of their incidents are caused by change- Forrester 2013
Customer IT challenges and value
Protecting servers against zero-day exploits and targeted attacks: Data Center Security: Server Advanced provides several strategies to protect and harden heterogeneous physical and virtual servers. Granular, policy-based controls help organizations prevent server attacks and safeguard information on these servers.
Optimizing security for virtualization: Data Center Security: Server is integrated into the VMware infrastructure to provide threat protection such as agentless anti-virus, and protect vSphere with out-of-box policies that adhere to VMwares hardening guidelines.
Demonstrating compliance: Data Center Security: Server Advanced gives customers real-time visibility and control of their compliance posture.
Reducing risk in protecting unpatched or legacy systems: Data Center Security: Server Advanced provides least privilege access & compensating controls to lock down server configurations/settings and mitigate breaches against potentially vulnerable systems.

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