Cloud Automation

Automate, configure and simplify deployments across hybrid environments

Cloud Automation

Automating workload deployment and operational routine tasks, thus enhancing the productivity and reducing manual effort associated with provisioning and managing the Cloud Computing workloads.

Our Microsoft Azure experts allows enterprises to simplify cloud management by removing time consuming and recurring tasks, saving you both time and money.

Major Benefits of Azure Automation

  • Using Azure Automation, we can integrate with other system or existing system by building a PowerShell integration module
  • Azure Automation helps in accelerating flexible workflow process
  • Azure Automation seamlessly improves reliability in service among different tools, systems and departments
  • With the help of Azure Automation, you can reduce manual activities in detecting errors & corrections

Features Offered

  • Runbooks is the special feature of Azure Automation. It helps in automating repetitive tasks that are time-consuming, requires time to run and execute, have possibilities of getting frequent errors
  • Graphical Authoring is another special feature of Azure Automation that allows you to add activities from library that are already there in runbooks and link them to form a workflow. You do not need to write any complex PowerShell scripts for automation

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