Benefits of Azure

  • Cost

    Investing in new infrastructure is always a large investment of capital expenditure. Azure is the only platform that offers an end-to-end cloud cost management and optimization solution to help customers make the most of cloud investment across multiple clouds. Pay as you go model is the most lucrative benefit of Microsoft Azure.

  • Speed

    Speed is critical to businesses of all types and is a key marker of competitive advantage. Azure’s speed of deployment, speed of operation, scalability and functionality simply can’t be matched by on-premises or even other cloud providers.

  • Global Scope

    Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. Azure’s global centres are more than any other cloud provider.

  • On Demand Scalability

    Azure is built to meet your needs as your business grows. Microsoft Azure is scalable, which means it can scale in as well as scale out as and when required. You only pay for what you consume.

  • Fault Tolerance

    Microsoft Azure applies various replication and redundancy strategies to make hosted services and applications acutely fault tolerant.

  • Compliance

    Microsoft makes every effort to ensure that the data in its Cloud is protected. Azure is built around the privacy and security demands of business needs.

  • Capex to Opex

    Companies today don’t wish to invest in hardware as technology is changing at a rapid pace. Instead of investing in hardware which may become obsolete quickly, CTOs are more interested and willing to pay operational cost on monthly or yearly basis. Microsoft Azure being a “Pay as you go” model makes it easy to move from Capex to Opex.