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Very often, clients ask us about moving to the cloud for a single reason - cost saving. If cost is the only benefit you're looking at while you move all your applications, hardware and tools to the cloud, you're in for a surprise.

Migrating to the cloud undoubtedly comes with a huge cost benefit, but it shouldn't be your only reason for using the cloud. After all, moving all that technology out of your datacenter comes with its own cost.

Instead, make cloud a holistic part of your strategy. Measure out other business benefits which come with cloud - flexibility, increased collaboration, remote work or document control - and see how well these work for you. That's when you will extract the true value out of cloud.

The cost benefits of cloud are surely enticing, but your real benefits lay in the realm of business innovation. Move beyond the cost advantage.


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Open up to Cloud

Open up to Cloud

Gone are the days when people asked what 'cloud computing' means. Everyone has a sense of what cloud can offer to their organization. Today, the opportunity for growth is huge.

Enterprises and SMEs are identifying the immense potential it offers. Ninety per cent of organizations use cloud in one way or another, according to a survey by Right Scale.

Cloud computing's 'as-a-service' offerings span over areas like software, infrastructure, disaster recovery, application, testing and integration. The biggest advantage that users can avail from cloud is flexibility. They can choose to increase or decrease computing capabilities based on their requirement without making any additional IT investment. This removes the need to hire in new personnel or buy software. Besides, moving to cloud also takes away the hassle of maintenance - it is handled by the service providers.

There was a day when security was a huge issue for cloud adopters. However, this has changed over the past few years. Cloud has evolved to an extent that legal and financial service providers have also started investing in it.

The emergence of technological forces like cloud and big data has resulted in improvements in business productivity of organizations. They're opting for private, public or hybrid clouds based on their needs. All you have to do is figure out a plan which fits your requirement and choose a service provider that fits within the budget.

Title Big Wins
Swan Solutions has recently bagged an order to deploy a pan-India solution across 700 branches for one of its large BFSI clientele. Traditionally the client would procure print devices outright from various vendors. The management of the devices was in-house and the procurement of the supplies was ad hoc and locally executed. Most of the locations being in remote areas, lack of proactive management and de-fragmented approach for the device management led to device being nonfunctional, end users escalations to IT and loss of business at times.

Swan in partnership with HP deployed a managed service framework for the management of the print infrastructure. This involved replacing all the legacy devices with equivalent or better features, environmental friendly devices, deployment of the remote management application managed by centralized helpdesk for proactive management of break-downs and supplies replenishment. Invoicing of the usage is based on consumption at the end of the month for individual locations without the users and procurement team having to raise new request and follow-up for the same. This will lead to immense end user satisfaction for the device management and overall cost reduction.

Swan has been awarded as "Best Emerging Business Partner 2015-16" by Sophos-Cyberoam. This award recognises the achievements and commitment of top business partners over the previous year. With this award under our belt, we have a lot to live up to over the next year and look forward to delivering exceptional business results.

Expert Tips
Encrypt Data to Keep it Secure

Attackers look for weaknesses on the perimeters of the cloud - such as insecure interfaces and APIs. In order to enable the use of cloud solutions as the complexity of the requirement increases, organizations often hand over the job to third parties. This makes hijacking easier. To prevent such situations, encrypt your data before you place it on cloud. This way, even if the attackers find their way in, they will only get access to meaningless values.
Just for Laughs
- Why was the computer tired when he got home?
Because he had a hard drive.

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It gets difficult to remember passwords with multiple accounts to handle - Gmail, official mail, Facebook, Twitter, e-banking and more. Dashlane's password manager makes it easy to keep track of passwords and make them secure. It imports your passwords from Firefox or any other browser into your secure password vault.

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Would you like to win a Free Movie Ticket ? Answer a few simple questions and send us the reply. In case of more than one correct entry, winner will be chosen by a draw.
A) Which of these should a company consider before implementing cloud computing technology?
1. Employee satisfaction
2. Potential cost reduction
3. Information sensitivity
4. All of the above
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