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Like it or not, a massive tidal wave of data is coming your way. This decade has been seeing light of data scientists, driven by an increasing convergence of data and technology. Business agility is more critical than ever, as enterprises today rely on real time actionable data. Addressing this need requires new technologies. With analytics, you can mine a large pile of data to identify patterns and new insights to drive more opportunities for innovation.

According to a recent report released by Gartner, the CIO’s spending on analytics and business intelligence has already jumped by 13.4 per cent. Your only way to stay ahead of competition is to tame data by investing wisely in analytical capabilities and integrating it into your decision making.


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Understanding Analytics for Enterprises

Understanding Analytics for Enterprises

Making sense of Big Data today is a big business priority, considering its ability to affect the enterprise’s efficiency. An executives’ intuition is no longer considered as the most reliable opinion as the focus is moving to analytics. Analyzing data enables you to transform processes and even an entire industry.

Big Data is useful once it is transformed into information, insight, and action. Innovative enterprises are successfully extracting value from analyzing a flood of data, converting it into actionable information for revenue growth, higher profits and efficiency. They create and capture real value from the data they already have, rather than simply collecting more data.

A common question most enterprises ask us is, if it’s better to buy a business analytics and intelligence suite from one vendor or to purchase multiple separate products from multiple vendors. Well, it depends. Firstly, an enterprise should identify what it needs and must invest accordingly, instead of acquiring a product with numerous features it doesn’t need.

The enterprise must choose a solution based on its business need and not spend on features that won’t result in returns. It must also consider the running costs, like skills necessary to develop and manage its analytics applications, apart from product or subscription costs.

Enterprises which are successful with analytics have invested in technology to stay ahead of the curve. The key is that they are open to new ways of thinking and will change the way they do business according to the evolving environment.

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Swan Solutions has won a large deal worth Rs 2.8CR from India's largest private sector Bank. With the new deployment, this Bank will roll out its SAN Upgrade at two branches located in Hyderabad and Jaipur.

For commitment towards creating and delivering innovative customer solutions & services based on Microsoft technologies, Microsoft recognises Swan Solutions & Services (P) Ltd as "Silver Partner" across Volume Licensing, Datacenter & Hosting competencies.

Expert Tips
Go slow and steady

Most successful enterprises overcome the uncertainty around analytics by starting small. You can start by applying your analytics to the right problems. Tackle small projects which result in impressive and measureable results. Demonstrating the ability to improve competitive positioning will help analytics gain traction in your organization.

As a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Swan sponsors Child Education for 10 Girls every year under "NANHI KALI' Project by K. C. Mahindra Education Trust.

"Nanhi Kali" project provides academic, material and social support that allows a girl child to access quality education, attend school with dignity and reduces the chances of her dropping out.

To know more about this social cause, click here

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Q: What does a network administrator say when he gets back home from work?
A: There's no place like!
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