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In 2015, we saw that the mobile-first concept has gained momentum. It was accepted as the most disruptive factor last year.

In our interaction with clients, we've noticed that the concept of mobility is no longer a luxury but a top priority for most enterprises. An enterprise user is as updated as a consumer in terms of adoption of technologies, and this is working in favor of enterprises. Ensuring data access through mobility keeps them equipped to take quick decisions based on real time data.

This year of tried-and-tested implementations has shown us that, with the right solution provider, you can review security at the data, application, device, and network levels on a regular basis- on hardware, software, in the cloud or on-premises. My two cents - don't lag behind. Now is the time to update your business environment.


Case Study
BFSI Provider Saves Rs 1 Crore Annually with Virtualization
BFSI Provider Saves Rs 1 Crore Annually with Virtualization

A financial services provider with over 1,700 branches wanted to reduce costs through better use of processes, tools and people. By leveraging virtualization and blade enclosures, Swan Solutions helped a leading provider of financial products to cut costs, improve productivity and ensure data availability 24/7.

The enterprise is one of India's leading retail broking houses with over 7 lakh customers and a pan-India presence across locations. Being in the finance business, the enterprise understood that downtime is directly proportional to financial loss. Besides, there was a dire need to get its branches more connected, and in a less cumbersome fashion. The enterprise contacted Mumbai-based Swan Solutions to solve these issues without disturbing business continuity.

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Tech Trend
Why Today's Enterprise Must Be Mobile

Why Today's Enterprise Must Be Mobile

Mobile technologies have become an integral part of an enterprise. The industry has recognized the value of enabling their employees to work anytime, anywhere through its use. Businesses today are at the cusp of realizing the immense potential of mobility.

The enterprise-mobile journey isn't a new one. It started a few years ago, when they enabled traditional email applications and the occasional custom mobile app. Today, there is a new generation of mobile applications and capabilities that enable enterprise giants as well as SMEs to reimagine their entire business process.

If you take a look around, you'll observe that most successful organizations are ones that have redefined their business processes using a mobile-first approach, i.e. designing apps and processes primarily for mobile devices and then for the desktop. This has resulted in increased efficiency, high productivity and cost reductions.

It is easy to get tricked into believing that BYOD is your goal, but this shouldn't be your end result. The true end goal of the mobile-first enterprise is security, while enabling access to corporate data from personal devices. The enterprise must also ensure that it is focusing on applications and corresponding business data in its infrastructure to efficiently implement a mobility strategy. Investing in the right infrastructure can help a long way by simplifying the experience of building enterprise mobile applications.

To keep your mobile strategy running smooth, find a vendor who provides a customizable solution to provide and manage devices and infrastructure to deliver productivity, security and operational efficiency. It is crucial to remember that these services should complement your existing mobile strategy and meet the needs of your employees.

Title Big Wins
Swan won a deal worth 3.5 million USD from a large Indian Bank for its Private Cloud Licensing of Vmware.

A leading global information & measurement company, providing market research, insights & data about what people watch, listen to & buy appreciates Swans efforts for providing timely PAN India IT Support for their 4000+ IT Assets ensuring they are up and running.

Expert Tips
Data Encryption

As more employees use smartphones and tablets to access data, it becomes imperative to secure your mobility strategy. Encryption is the most effective form of data security. However, it is surprising to see that some enterprises skip this step. Leaving company data unencrypted on the company network is like leaving your doors unlocked - you become an easy target. Business managers should speak to their IT departments or vendors about the best encryption for their networks and devices, and implement it when different devices are being used to access corporate data on the enterprise network.
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What happened when the computer fell on the floor?

It slipped a disk.
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Trello lets you see everything about your project at a single glance. It is a free, flexible and visual way to organize anything with anyone. With this app, you can drop lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects.

For more info, visit:- https://trello.com

Cabinet BETA, a minimalist file manager, provides an unrestricted file system access. It lets you browse your Android device as you would a computer, navigating through folders and moving, deleting, or sharing files as you wish. What sets this app apart from other similar ones is its clean and modern Material Design-based user interface. It is easy to manipulate folders and files, zip/ unzip archives and share on your device.

For more info, visit:- Cabinet BETA Download
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Would you like to win a Free Movie Ticket ? Answer a few simple questions and send us the reply. In case of more than one correct entry, winner will be chosen by a draw.
A) What security threats do employee-owned devices pose by storing corporate data and accessing corporate networks?
1) Data loss
2) Making infrastructure vulnerable to malware
3) Potential for noncompliance
4) All of the above
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