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There was a time when size dominated the market – big companies ruled. Today, what matters is the ability to do the right things and to do them fast. The advantage of agility over size marks a turning point in the world of modern business.

Consider the floods in Chennai and how startups easily turned their business model to work towards a cause. PayTM launched a toll free number for instant recharge, Zoomcar provided its fleet to serve as ambulances, and Ola helped in identifying safety zones. They focus on being agile as opposed to the more linear traditional methods. Being agile enables innovation by opening up opportunities to communicate and collaborate between business and IT. Agile practices also allow organizations to explore opportunities quickly without investing a lot of money upfront.

In this unpredictable economic environment, the best way to adapt to change is to think big, start small and deliver quickly. Quick decision-making is a part of the big game, and the faster you move, the higher your competitive advantage over the multitudes that are slower. So why not give business agility a try next year?


Case Study
e-Learning Solution Provider’s Storage Issues Addressed with Virtualization
Manufacturing Giant Handles Network Infrastructure with Swan Solution's Unified Management

Swan Solutions successfully implemented Unified Management Solution at a leading USD 2 billion engineering conglomerate to enable easy handling of network infrastructure and to ensure business continuity with single-point network monitoring.

With the new deployment, its management can now easily handle its network infrastructure spread across various countries and be assured of business continuity with a single-point network monitoring.

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Tech Trend
Is Your Business Ready for Change?

Is Your Business Ready for Change?

CIOs today are facing new challenges with their ever- evolving businesses. Traditional development methods are unsuitable for the fast pace, while enterprises are increasingly turning to agile development to speed up projects and illustrate their value. Enterprise agility is an organization's ability to drive growth in their new situation by adapting with unforeseen circumstances, new technologies, dilemmas, crises and complex problems.

In an economy where markets are created, destroyed and disrupted in a matter of days, only an agile organization can thrive. A recent survey of development and IT professionals by HP shows that agile is now the norm. Of 601 development and IT professionals who participated in the survey, two-thirds described their company as either 'pure agile' or 'leaning towards agile'. Only nine percent describe themselves as non-agile.

A huge number of enterprises are looking for ways to adopt the concept of agility into their technology practices. However, agility needs to go beyond the mere adoption in a few projects. In order to be a truly agile enterprise, one must understand the impact of agility across functions/departments, develop suitable frameworks, train their teams and invest intelligently in the right infrastructure.

By taking these factors into account and planning the roadmap around it, agility can be infused into an organization's practices, processes and systems and will help achieve true benefits of agility – quicker time-to-market without compromising on quality. The key to stay ahead of the curve is to be flexible, but with a focused strategic plan..

Title Big Wins
Swan was awarded with O365 Implementation rollout project worth 3000 User-Mailboxes by one of the large Infrastructure Company in Mumbai. This challenging task was completed by Swan Team within the specified timeline and as per clients expectations.
Expert Tips
Bring Flexibility into IT

Once your organization has decided to go agile, your next step is to ensure flexibility at every level. A traditional top-down approach where everything is defined leaves little room for change. It is crucial to shake up and introduce flexibility into the management's approach when you implement agile practices. Factors like not being open to pursue a roughly-defined solution, avoiding criticism and ignoring feedback from users can sabotage agile development projects. Flexibility is key to attaining business agility.
Just for Laughs
You know you're an agile wannabe when…
your meeting-minutes binder weighs the same as a small pony.
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Evernote's Scannable scanning app works for us because it makes any piece of paper easy to scan. The app can convert words into searchable text via optical character recognition (OCR). It's easy to scan multiple pages into a single document and the scan quality is usually good. The issue, however, is that it's available only for iOS, and the app frequently crashes during multi-page scanning.

For more info, visit:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/evernote-scannable/id883338188

Though Windows is capable of working with ZIP archives and ISO volumes, it still remains clueless about some compressional and archival standards commonly favored by open-source communities. This app works with a variety of formats including TAR, GZIP, 7z, ARJ, CAB, DMG, MSI, RAR and VHD. If you’re looking for a do-it-all file archival utility, this is it. This is limited to Windows 10 devices.

For more info, visit:- http://www.7-zip.org
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