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Ecommerce players have made shopping way too easy for us - even if you resist, you cannot miss checking out festive deals online. The good news is savings, but it is pouring malware! Cyber thieves often wait for celebrations to bait their prey, and this year will be no different. Mobile threats will continue to rain down on smartphones.

You can expect threats in all forms - hard to resist deals, greetings and even in mails from known people. In fact, promotional emails are very easy to spoof. Spammers distribute fake e-cards on special occasions and take advantage of it to achieve high success rate.

This year, be smart and take a conscious effort to avoid malware and phishing. At an enterprise level, it is necessary to constantly monitor all the email traffic as well as social networking links to keep an eye out for any malware related activity. In this issue of CommuniQA, youíll find some information on how to keep your systems safe this festive season.

This month, we wish you and your family plenty of peace and prosperity.


Case Study
e-Learning Solution Providerís Storage Issues Addressed with Virtualization
e-Learning Solution Providerís Storage Issues Addressed with Virtualization

Swan Solutions helps Massachusetts-based organization replace aging servers and increase storage capacity without any downtime.

With virtualization, Swan Solutions has successfully deployed virtualization at a Massachusetts- based organization and leading global provider of end-to-end information technology services to enterprises across all industry verticals. The organization is CMMI level- 3 certified and specializes in enterprise data management solutions. Headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, it has a branch in Mumbai, India.

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Why you should be spending more on Security

Common Red Flags to Spot Malicious Email

With malware around the corner, our Microsoft Solution Architect Ė Sandip Gaonkar has identified four common red flags that you and your employees should be on the lookout for in your inbox:

The email doesnít address you by name

If the email begins with a simple "Hi,í Sir/Madame", or your email address, thereís a large possibility that the email is spam. Such impersonal greetings are often a warning that you need to stay alert.

Executable File Attachments

Generally, attachments you receive will be documents or graphics with the corresponding .doc, .pdf, .jpg, or .png extensions. Attachments with extensions like .exe, .com, .bat or .scr are rare. Often, these will end up running a malicious program on your machine, so be sure to contact the sender prior to opening to verify that the file is legitimate.

Masked Hyperlinks

Links to websites can easily be masked or hidden i.e. a seemingly harmless URL could really be pointing you to a different site that is riddled with malware. To make sure that any links are safe, there are two easy ways to check their veracity - 1) hover your mouse over the link and check the URL that appears on the bottom left corner of your screen; 2) right-click on the link and check its "properties". The URL on your screen or in the link properties should match the URL in the email.

Requests for Personal Information

Always be suspicious of messages that request sensitive or personal information, even if it appears to come from someone you know. Hackers have the ability to spoof or mask their email address with another which makes it look like its being sent from a trusted sender. Whether it is your bank requesting details, your email provider requesting credentials, or your CEO requesting immediate funds, verify the request before you do anything. Call the sender to make sure the message came from them.

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HP recognises Swan for positioning HPE as first choice to its Customers and achieving a new milestone of striking $1.6 million Quarterly Enterprise Group Business in Q415. HPE Group comprises of ConvergedSystem, Servers, Storage, Networking & Technology Services.

Expert Tips
How to Screen Your Mails for Malware? - by Sandip Gaonkar, Microsoft Solution Architect, Swan Solutions

When it comes to keeping yourself safe from malicious emails, here are five main principles to live by:
1. Only open attachments you explicitly requested.
2. If you absolutely must send private information, start a fresh email chain, and use an encrypted email service where possible.
3. Verify all web links before clicking.
4. Be wary of any email that uses threats or intimidation to try to coerce you, even if the sender appears to be someone you know.
5. Investigate any and all emails that do not address you by name, especially those that supposedly come from a known sender.
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Oh!! Thank god!!
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