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Dear Readers,

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, we are marking the start of the Indian festive season. In Mumbai, this festival is known to bring people of all religion, caste and creed together. While our city administrators are getting concerned about traffic management, CIOs and IT decision makers are trying to cope with another type of traffic - the traffic of data that flows in and out of their organizations.

With IoT, everyday objects are connected to the internet to send and receive data they pick up through a network of sensors. According to a recent survey of 316 senior data and IT executives conducted by Forbes, Big Data initiatives are reshaping the world. With or without the right strategy, big data is forever changing the way organizations behave. This has brought opportunities to drive revenue, connect with customers and develop new products. This surge in data is also the reason for a boom in the adoption of big data technologies. However, organizations have been slow in adopting technologies to make use of Big Data.

The problem doesn’t lie in adoption of technology, but in an organization’s culture. That culture starts with the C-suite and it must gradually trickle down to the entire organization.

This season, make the best of technology to manage your traffic.

Happy festivities!


Case Study
Computer Network
Swan Solutions helps a Government Entity Ensure Scalability with Hardware Upgrade

A leading government enterprise in the BFSI space accommodated a surge in the number of users with a hardware upgrade, making its network a scalable and manageable one.

The BFSI government enterprise, known to be forward in their IT practices, had already implemented virtualization a few years ago in its rack environment. It ran about 200 virtual machines. Recently, the need went up to 320 virtual machines but the existing hardware could not handle the hike in the number of users.

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Tech Trend
Big Data

Why You Must Know about Big Data

A few years ago, we came across clients talking about open source as a separate topic unto itself, and it slowly merged into standard operating procedure for any business. ‘Big Data’ is witnessing the same cycle today. We’re getting to a stage where 'Big Data' is not being treated as an isolated topic but a standard business procedure.

Managing your data is essential most business processes today. Data is now woven into every sector and function in areas like customer service, HR, Marketing, Accounts and every imaginable department. 'Big Data' isn’t a distinct step that a company should take, but simply a way of describing the large volume of data that moves in and out of your organization. Enterprises must urge employees to make data a priority, share data sets across departments and assume shared responsibility for data collection, quality and analysis. With a large volume of data flowing from your organization, you must also ensure that you are protecting your data with the right technologies. The 'Big Data' revolution has already started – make sure your organization is ahead and well equipped to handle a tornado of precious information!

Title Big Wins
Swan Won a deal worth 1CR from a Credit information company in Mumbai for their HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage Solution. This solution from HP will enable them handle larger volumes of transactions and accelerate the delivery of Credit Reports & Scores to its growing customer base.
Expert Tips
Despite the buzz around Big Data and the value it brings, most companies do not take full advantage of information they already hold within their organization. They often wonder where to start from. All businesses interact with their customers, and that's the best place to begin with. Take a look at your existing data and look for ways to pivot it to be around the customer.
Just for Laughs
You know you have 'Big Data' when...
...it piles up so high that it disappears into the clouds
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LinkedIn Connected
The LinkedIn Connected app is an app which gives notifications on updates from your contacts on LinkedIn. It's a fast, easy, and smart way to strengthen your professional relationships. Connected gives you relevant updates about the people you know, giving you a conversation starter.


Staying focused at work is a challenge when interesting links are being thrown at your screens from every direction. With Pocket, you can save articles, videos and other web content for later in a beautiful and optimized easy-to-view experience for your phone and tablet - even offline.

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Would you like to win a Free Movie Ticket ? Answer a few simple questions and send us the reply. In case of more than one correct entry, winner will be chosen by a draw.
A) 'Big Data' means
1) A large document
2) Flow of a large volume of data
3) A big database
4) Structured data
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