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The history of artificial intelligence (AI) dates back to antiquity - intelligent robots appear in the myths of many ancient societies, including Greek, Arabic, Egyptian and Chinese. Today, the field of artificial intelligence is more vibrant than ever and some believe that we're on the threshold of discoveries that could change human society irreversibly, for better or worse.

The future of artificial intelligence is more fascinating than ever. People seem to have indulged in this debate for years now. Though one thing is for sure, artificial intelligence is here to stay.

The expansion of AI use will result in the transformation of work culture, where people will be more challenged to do better than robots and be knowledgeable in robot use. In the tech world, it would certainly be more advantageous, and more lucrative, to have credentials in machine learning, especially as computers would most likely provide the best solutions to business problems.

These advantages have compelled us to enter the AI space. We have entered into a strategic partnership with Fluid AI, a company specialising in AI services. Through this partnership, we will offer AI-based interactive solutions, data analytics and predictions for businesses of all sizes.

AI is an embarrassment of riches: it can do so much, across the entire value chain. Every organisation out there today must leverage the advantages of AI in some form or other to get ahead of the competition.

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Tech Trend
Outlook: Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Outlook: Artificial Intelligence in 2020

To estimate the trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2020, we need to remember that 2019 witnessed a multitude of platforms, applications, and tools which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Such technology trends laid huge implications on software and the Internet industry. Furthermore, its effects on fields like healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and automobile are worth-noticing.

The advancement of ML and AI-related technologies will have a long journey in 2019, or even further. Future of AI seems bright and it is supported by the fact mentioned further:

Goliaths like Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and the like are investing a lot in the research and development of AI, which will definitely bring consumers and AI closer.

Following are the trends that will hit the AI industry around the globe:


Automation in the workforce: Advances in machine learning are acting as a catalyst in helping automate processes. Services like Chatbots will significantly reduce the human time spent and help increase productivity.
•   Convergence of IoT and AI at the edge: In 2020, AI meets IoT at the edge computing layer. Most of the models trained in the public cloud will be deployed at the edge.
•   Facial Recognition: Despite having a great deal of negative press recently, facial recognition technology is regarded as the Artificial Intelligence future due to its immense popularity. It promises an immense growth in 2019, and further.
•   AI will automate DevOps: When the power of AI is applied to operations, it will redefine the way infrastructure is managed. The application of ML and AI in IT operations and DevOps will deliver intelligence to organizations. It will help the ops teams perform precise and accurate root cause analysis.

IT Laughs
IT Laugh

Why did the developer go broke?
Because he used up all his cache

How does a computer get drunk?
It takes screenshots.

Why did the computer show up at work late?
It had a hard drive.

Expert Tip
Expert Tip

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into more industries, and a growing number of companies already experience the benefits of implementing AI. As AI is developing and gaining more popularity, let's take a look at the challenges you should avoid while implementing AI.


Lack of Business Alignment
Some companies jump on the AI bandwagon with too much optimism and no clear strategy. AI implementation requires a strategic approach, setting objectives, identifying KPIs, and tracking ROI. Otherwise, you won't be able to assess the results brought by AI and compare them with your assumptions to measure the success (or failure) of this investment.


Integration Challenges
Integrating AI into your existing systems is a process that is more complicated than adding a plugin to your browser. The interface and elements to address your business needs have to be set up. Some rules are hard-coded. We need to consider data infrastructure needs, data storage, labelling, and feeding the data into the system.

In order to overcome possible integration challenges, you will have to join efforts with your vendor to make sure that everyone has a clear understanding of the process. It will also require the vendor to have broader expertise, not limited to building models. When AI implementation is done in a strategic manner and carried out step-by-step, the risk of failure is mitigated.


Data quality and quantity
How can you solve the data problem? First of all, you need to know what data you already have and compare that to what data the model requires. In order to do that, you need to know what model you'll be working on - otherwise, you won't be able to specify what data is needed.

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