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Dear Readers,

Greetings from Swan Solutions!

SAP is critical to the operations of hundreds of thousands of businesses and, given its impact on core business functions, it is understandable that IT departments have taken a cautious approach to migrating SAP environments to the cloud.

This era of cloud-first has slowly been making progress, but its successor has already arrived in the form of cloud-only. And with SAP ending support for any product not running on SAP S/4HANA in 2025, embracing a cloud-first strategy should be a priority for companies. For many businesses, a move to the cloud can seem daunting, especially if they don't have the in-house knowledge or skillsets to tackle a migration project.

Hence, businesses have yet to truly look into cloud migration, let alone establish a solid strategy. We at Swan believe that this is a missed opportunity and that, for all businesses using SAP, the time to start thinking about migrating to the cloud is NOW.

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Tech Trend
SAP on Azure - The best of both worlds

SAP on Azure - The best of both worlds

With over 90% of Fortune 500 using Microsoft Azure and SAP, there seems to be a mutual understanding between the 2 technology giants over their 25-year long partnership that is dedicated to ensuring the success of the customer. By shifting to SAP on Azure you are presenting your organization with the ability to create a solution that can best benefit the needs of your organization.

By choosing to shift to SAP with Microsoft Azure you are providing your organization with the following benefits:


Scalability and Flexibility: Choosing Microsoft Azure means you get a flexible, integrated platform that can operate as a fully public or a hybrid cloud solution, providing a full set of capabilities that extend SAP.
•   Productivity: Azure also offers access to a broad array of business-critical capabilities that drive ROI in ways that other public cloud providers are unable to match. From using Outlook to send email approvals to simplifying complex business processes with SharePoint, integration with Office 365 extends the SAP experience.
•   Security and Regulatory Compliance: Microsoft leads the industry in its commitment to data protection and privacy, and Azure has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud provider. For organizations in heavily regulated industries, this commitment makes the move to the cloud possible.

IT Laughs
IT Laugh

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They were Prime mates.

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What does a pirate store his data on?
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Expert Tip
Tips to best utilize SAP on Azure

Tips to best utilize SAP on Azure

Optimizing SAP for Azure involves calculating our hardware requirements like CPU resources, storage space, memory, input/output (I/O), and network bandwidth. When optimizing, we size for today. We make sure to size our systems as small as possible.

Tips for Sizing:


Don't size for only CPUs and memory. Size for storage I/O and throughput requirements, too.


Figure out how many virtual machines a system needs. Production and user acceptance testing (UAT) systems have multiple virtual machines. But for sandbox and quality assurance, usually single virtual machines. In certain cases, the SAP app instances and database instance are on the same virtual machine.


Keep monitoring and managing system and resource capacity. Make changes before issues occur. Monitor storage use, growth rates, CPU, network utilization, and memory resources that are used on virtual machines.

Swan Solutions is awarded with a project worth 20 crore for VMware services from a Banking and Financial services company.
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