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The recent past has revolutionized the path that technology is heading towards. Disruptions and innovations have become a daily staple within industries and business environments. A large part of these upcoming technologies are centered around IOT (Internet of Things), and according to Statistica investment into IOT will reach around $40 Billion by 2020. IOT is key driver for digital transformation in today's economy.

Many organizations are looking at approaches and ways wherein they can inculcate IOT into their business processes and drive automation in their organizations. However, IOT does not work in a silo, rather it can be coupled with upcoming technologies such as Big Data, AI and Machine/Deep Learning all of these feed into one another to truly create a system of automation.

Looking at the current scenario that is prevailing in the tech industry at the moment, it is pertinent that organizations must re-structure their approach towards upcoming technologies such as IOT and inculcate them as front-line technologies within the organization.

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Tech Trend
Running IOT in the Digital Age

Running IOT in the Digital Age

In this new era, the integration of information technology and operating technologies is driving powerful synergies - between the physical world of smart machines, industrial operations and facilities/spaces, and the digital world of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, applications and insights. This synergy will help organizations drive greater efficiency, enhance their performance and improve the overall experience of the customer. This persistence of global digitization and advancements in technological innovations such as IoT have created opportunities for organizations across the world to re-imagine their products, services and develop business models suited to fit the requirements of the customers in today's environment.

Today, the emergence of IoT is driven not only by one specific technological advancement but by the rise of an entire digital ecosystem, including developments in data collection, aggregation, sharing, as well as data processing platforms that have the capability to generate smarter solutions.

IOT will play a critical role in curating:

Positive customer experience
Product effectiveness
Service Enhancement

For organizations it is critical that they understand where exactly they can apply IoT solutions to best benefit their organizations. If we go by the numbers, by 2025 21 Billion devices will be connected to the IoT. This creates an enormous digital ecosystem, and one that is not just restricted to individual devices and users. Entire cities and companies will increasingly start to adopt smart technologies such as IoT.

IT Laughs
IT Laugh

There's a band called 1023MB.
They haven't had any gigs yet.

Why do app developers have such high insurance rates?
They're always crashing

What's a computers favourite singer?
A Dell

What's the best way to learn about computers?
Bit by Bit

Why doesn't a computer's car last very long?
They always have hard drives.

Nanhi Kali

Nanhi Kali is Swan's social mission wherein we sponsor the lifetime education of 10 girls every year. Our vision for Nanhi Kali is for us to give back to society and empower and educate young girls from under-privileged backgrounds, through the gift of education.

Expert Tip
Secure IoT in your organization

Secure IoT in your organization

With the penetration of IoT devices across the world, it is pertinent that businesses build a strategy that would enable them to utilize the benefits of IoT without making the IT infrastructure of the organization vulnerable to attacks. Securing IoT in your organization is a critical step for utilizing IoT in your organization. The first step for securing IoT would be to understand what unwelcomed devices are connected to your organizations' network, such as devices that belong to third parties I.e. Vendors or partners. Then design a network infrastructure that is isolated from all other publicly accessible sources. Other than the solutions mentioned above, organizations must even keep a lookout for emerging trends and take a proactive approach, with a core focus towards adopting and following established and well known IoT practices

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