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November 2018
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There was a time when the IT leaders had to demand their seats in the boardrooms. Those days are long gone. CIOs have now earned those seats, thanks to digital and the increased demand for innovation and transformation.

With the assurance of those firm seats in the boardroom, CIOs now have a chance of embarking on another expedition that reaffirms their position as a strategic partner to business. The customer experience or CX initiatives are now being increasingly becoming a technology play. And, this is going to be a critical differentiator for the IT leaders.

Going forward, the success of your brand won't really depend on the quality or the price point of your products. Customer experience is going to be the single decisive factor.

Even though customer experience is a top priority for business and marketers, many CX programs yielded very little results in 2018.

In the coming year, technology is expected play a greater role in making these programs more meaningful and tangible. And, that might just tilt the balance in the CIO's favour all over again!



Tech Trend
How IT can Enhance CX Initiatives

How IT can Enhance CX Initiatives

More than half of the companies that were on Fortune 500 in the year 2000 have vanished, and digital is perceived to be the reason for this holocaust! To survive in the digital era, businesses must be ready for constant transformation.

Of all the changes that the market brings up every day, the most challenging one arguably is the customer demand and expectations. Delivering seamless customer experience is more critical than ever. The digital disruptors like Uber, Amazon or Airbnb have taught us that customer experience has the final word in a brand's success.

The discussion on CX once again brings the spotlight back to the role of ‘IT Vs Marketing’ and who exactly should lead such initiatives. While senior IT leadership must be intensively involved in the full CX lifecycle, it's important that IT and marketing work collaboratively to generate better business outcomes from CX investment.

Technology will be a key enabler for the CX initiatives going forward. Here is how:


AI, the game changer: By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human, says Gartner. Artificial intelligence is finding more and more use cases in CX. The use of Chatbots and virtual assistants is already becoming mainstream. AI is also being used extensively to deliver personalized experience to customers. AI also helps in real-time insight delivery, by sorting through huge amounts of data. This is very critical in identifying unique customer trends and behaviours at each customer touchpoints.


Mobile, the medium of delivery: smartphones are an inevitable part of a customer's buying decision. Almost 82 percent users consult their phones while they are at a store deciding what to buy! Tech leaders are leveraging this connect to deliver solution-based personalized content to customers to create a different and seamless experience.


IoT, creating the connected world: IoT creates a hyper-connected world in which different products talk to each other to create an enhanced customer experience. It helps businesses to monitor and improve experiences with new offerings and deliver personalization.

Expert Tip
How to enable better CX

How to enable better CX

Customer experience is becoming a crucial part of many technology decisions today. However, enhanced customer experience cannot be achieved by ‘fixing’ a few things using technology, experts warn. IT leaders need to map the entire customer journey by identifying all the systems, applications and data that support the journey. Then analyse how technology can aid each of the customer touchpoints.

This not just means applications of new technologies, but also involves an unbiased examination of the existing back-end systems and processes, which might need a new approach. In a nut shell, IT leaders will have to become ‘people-oriented’ rather than ‘technology-oriented’.

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