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August 2018
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Imagine a self-driving car, sending data to the cloud which needs to be processed on a real-time basis. The car might crash or simply stop working due to the inevitable cloud service latency!
Imagine the same car being self-sufficient enough to process the data where it's generated, instead of sending it through long routes to a cloud! Its efficiency and precision will be simply unmatched.
As venture capitalist Peter Levine beautifully sums up, "This is about very sophisticated end computing. A self-driving car will have 200+ CPUs. That's a data center on wheels".
And, that's the future we are gazing at. Computing moves closer to the logical 'edge' of the network, where the data is collected and consumed.
IoT will be the major driver for this transformation. As we get encircled with smart, connected devices, wearables, sensors and so on, edge computing will become the order of the day.
Edge, or fog as it's often called, promises to put an end to today's bandwidth and latency issues.
If it delivers what it promises, it will be the next major computing revolution.
Tech Trend
Will Edge Computing scatter the Cloud?
Will Edge Computing scatter the Cloud?
Edge Computing is the latest buzz word that has been driving a lot of attention. In simple words, edge computing "involves some processing at the edge of the network, as opposed to consolidating all processing power at the core of the network."
The market is growing quite fast as we watch. The global edge computing market size is expected to grow to $6.72 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 35.4 percent, according MarketsandMarkets.
Since the time 'edge computing' became part of strategic technology discussions, there have been conflicting views around its impact on cloud.
Many investors and experts have been quite vocal about this technology's future and stated that it will make cloud irrelevant, and the future will be of distributed computing.
Edge will definitely be a paradigm shift in the computing space. The true potential of IoT, AI, machine learning and commercialization of 5G can only be fully realized through edge computing.
That said, edge computing will not replace cloud, pundits assure. Cloud traffic is likely to rise nearly fourfold by 2020, according to Cisco. As millions of connected devices generate data, which needs to be processed by the cloud, we are sure to face issues around network congestion and latency.
Edge computing will aid cloud models in drastically reducing these issues and achieving near real-time decision making. But end points may never possess the kind of massive computing power to replace cloud altogether.
Predictions like edge will replace cloud is bizarre and far-fetched, to state the least. As Deloitte's David S. Linthicum rightly said, "...edge computing replacing cloud computing? That's like a toe replacing a body."
Expert Tip
Prepare for these 3 Key Edge Computing Challenges
Prepare for these 3 Key Edge Computing Challenges
Edge or fog computing will act as the layer placed between a public cloud and end-points, which means that the cloud provider typically wouldn't have access to the data in edge. This presents new challenges on multiple areas.
Security and data privacy challenges: cloud providers and application users will have to work together to ensure security and privacy
Integration with various clouds, for seamless movement of data will be another key challenge
Serverless computing will lead to demand for new set of skills, which will be hard to find
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