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July 2018
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It's no surprise that some of the worst performance challenges faced by IT today are caused by storage.
Data growth explosion is beyond anybody's imagination. The gravity of data weighs down even the best legacy storage architecture.
Software-defined storage has long been proposed as the silver bullet.
Globally, close to 30 percent of the installed storage base is already software-defined.
In the next one year or so, the adoption rate of SDS is going to be overwhelming, as compared to the lacklustre legacy gear market.
Digital transformation will demand real-time data access. Faster response and continuous availability of storage systems will become a competitive advantage.
The decoupling of hardware and software will give enterprises a flexible, software-based, integrated storage system.
Servers will become the new storage and software indeed will redefine storage!
Tech Trend
The Stats are Right: Software-defined Storage is Already the Norm
The Stats are Right: Software-defined Storage is Already the Norm
Storage has always been the most demanding component in the data center. Explosive data growth, IoT, analytics and new compliance requirements throw new storage challenges to enterprises every day. The cost and complexity to store and manage data only increases with time.
Software-defined storage has already become the most logical options for enterprises to deal with storage related bottlenecks. In 2018, this technology has probably become the de-facto standard in storage implementations.
According to International Data Corporation, the SDS market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.5 percent from 2017 to 2021, and it will increase in prominence in 2018. Compare this with the growth of the traditional storage market--a meagre 2.7 percent, and we can see why this technology has risen to prominence.
A recent Interop ITX research shows that 38 percent organizations have some or all of their storage software-defined, while 31 percent plan to implement the emerging technology in the next 12 months or are looking into.
In fact, a software-defined approach is predicted to be so common that it will soon cease to be a product differentiator.
HCI to fuel SDS
The shift is clearly towards more hardware-agnostic, intelligent data centers, and both SDS and Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) will become the software-powered alternatives.
Data centers will continue to shrink through the application of hyper-convergence to both the primary and secondary storage parts of the data center-experts argue. The myth that hyper-converged products do not have the ability to scale compute and storage separately will soon be exploded.
Interestingly, many companies that chose cloud to reduce their storage costs found that cloud in fact increased their cost and further complicated storage management. However, SDS is predicted to empower cloud-native applications and hybrid cloud deployments.
Expert Tip
Three Tips to SDS Implementation
Three Tips to SDS Implementation
Are you planning a shift to SDS? Consider these points to evaluate the given solution:
Does the proposed solution protect your existing investments in servers, storage, networking, management tools and skillset experiences as opposed to requiring a rip and replace?
What are the storage overheads? Keep in mind that SDS can run on any x86 hardware, but it still has other new hardware requirements.
Have you tested the SDS in your environment with your workloads, network performance, usage spikes etc? This way you know what to expect from a given solution.
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