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June 2018
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Exactly a year ago, Equifax, one of the largest credit agencies, was shaken down by a giant security breach which compromised sensitive data of as many as 145 million Americans-almost half the country!
The company spends a quarter billion dollar and has a 225-member team for security. The reason for the hack was, one person in the team simply forgot to deploy a patch.
90 percent of the cyberattacks are caused by human error or inaction.
Here is another fact to reflect on. The global cybersecurity workforce gap will reach 3.5 million in next three years. India alone will need 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2020.
We are clamped down by limited resources, and we must also find new ways to bring efficiency and speed to the existing cybersec professionals.
Artificial Intelligence could be the potential game changer, experts assure.
AI can be smarter and faster than any human. It can model likely scenarios, identify patterns, predict and even neutralize threats.
AI could finally help defenders to get ahead of attackers. Let's stay positive!
Tech Trend
Data Protection in India: What's the Need of the Hour
AI to Reshape the Future of Cybersecurity
The ever-changing threat landscape and scope of threats are compelling security professionals to look beyond the traditional technologies. AI's biggest value proposition is how the technology can be used to crunch and analyse massive amounts of data without errors.
Experts argue that simply throwing more people at the problem won't fix the cybersecurity conundrum. Firstly, there is a serious dearth of cybersec professionals in the industry and secondly, humans do make errors unlike machines.
As Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison aptly said, "We need new systems: it can't be our people against their computers-we're going to lose that war. It's gotta be our computers versus their computers," referring to automation. AI and machine learning are critical elements in winning the war against the 'bad guys'.
AI's applications in cybersecurity has thus been actively explored by the industry today.
A study by ESG research point out that 12 percent of enterprise organizations have already deployed AI-based security analytics extensively, and 27 percent have deployed AI-based security analytics on a limited basis.
Some of the near-term applications of AI-based cybersecurity technologies include:
Accelerating incident detection
Fast-tracking incident response
Identifying and communicating risk to the business
Gaining better understanding of cybersecurity situational awareness
Various tests have proved that AI-driven systems have been able to predict more than 85 per cent of attacks, with the help of human inputs. StartHub, for instance, used automated systems to identify anomalous network behaviour two weeks before the large-scale WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017.
AI is expected to solve many critical challenges related to IoT and end-point security as well. In fact, end-point protection is predicted to be the largest application of AI in the cybersecurity space. Experts also see 'threat detection' taking precedence over 'response automation' as AI kicks in.
The global artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity market is estimated to grow at a pace of 29 percent in the next four years. In the near future, we will see increased adoption of AI-enabled chatbots that can scan networks for potential threats and combat cyberattacks.
Expert Tip
Investing on Effective Privacy and Data Protection
Asking the right questions to your Security vendor
The hype around AI makes it an over-crowded market, with vendors often making tall claims. Before you buy into every other pitch, ask these three questions to your vendors.
What does the vendor use--AI or machine learning? ML is just a sub-element of AI and most companies use these terms interchangeably.
How will AI help your organization in improving efficiency and reducing cost? Let the vendor show you some tangible benefits as compared to non-AI solutions.
What is the maintenance cost? Make sure the 'human cost' to manage the AI-based solutions does not exceed its benefits
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