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Mar 2018
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Picture this: A leading German truck manufacturer today delivers a custom-made trailer in 18 hours flat! Adidas is launching 3D-printed running shoes to enable mass customization. Machines on factory floors can let you know when their parts need to be replaced. "Cobots" or the collaborative robots are teaming up safely with human workers to boost productivity and cut costs.
Supply chains and production processes become interconnected, efficient and flexible. Logistics will be self-organized to deal with unexpected changes. Above all, the world of production will move away from siloed single factories to a highly interlinked system.
Industry 4.0, aptly referred to as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", promises to make all this and much more possible through advanced automation and data exchange.
This union of multiple technologies-- IoT, AI, advanced robotics, 3D printing, augmented reality and analytics-- is bound to change the production world.
And it's not just for the developed countries. Emerging markets, including India, is welcoming this revolution with wide arms, to make world-class products and be the ultimate winners!
Tech Trend
Blockchain and Its Future in India
Industry 4.0: What It Means for Today's CIOs
The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts that more than 1.7 million new industrial robots will be installed in factories worldwide by 2020. The reason-an increasing demand for faster business cycles and production with greater flexibility/customization in all manufacturing sectors.
The industry 4.0, and the massive advanced automation it brings in, is a reality today-whether we like it or not.
CIOs will be critical to facilitate this transition and IT will have a central role to play in this digitization of manufacturing.
The integration of IT and OT (Operations Technology) is going to be critical in building Smart factories, which represent a completely interoperable, connected system that enables all machines and processes to communicate each other. With the Industrial IoT getting broader, CIOs now must ensure that the IT-OT integration is seamless and smooth.
One of the biggest challenges of Industry 4.0 will be around creating new skills sets. According to World Economic Forum, by 2020, a third of skill sets will comprise skills that are not currently considered crucial to the job.
Experts predict that the knowledge of IT will become crucial to all kind job titles and roles within the organization. This means that CIOs now have a larger set of people to guide and monitor, while ensuring that Shadow IT does not belittle his efforts. This will be a great opportunity for the IT leaders to gain a firmer seat in the boardrooms.
Technologies like big data, predictive analytics and digitization are inextricably entwined with Industry 4.0, and the CIO already plays a crucial role in driving these technologies within his organization. Besides, the IT's access to data and its ability to extract meaningful information will prove to be the CIO's puissance in the new era of automation..
Expert Tip
Understanding the Limitations of Blockchain
Tackling the Data Challenges of the IoT Era
IoT is at the heart of Industry 4.0, and will drive huge amounts of data that can be leveraged by organizations. However, IoT also brings unprecedented challenges around data management and data integration. Experts recommend a software-driven and cloud-based approach to ensure that data from across the entire digital landscape can be integrated without hassle. The use of microservices, RESTful APIs and creation of effective data ecosystems are going to be critical in achieving competitive advantage. A combination of the right technologies will help tech leaders in combining data from both internal and external sources to improve decision. These informed decision making will eventually contribute to improved process and product designs.
Swan Bags $3 Mn Order from the largest Public sector bank for VMware Professional Managed Services
Vishwas (Head Finance) wins CFO India's 8th Annual CFO100 Roll of Honour
It takes us immense pleasure in informing you that Mr. Vishwas More from Swan Solutions has been selected in CFO India's 8th Annual CFO100 Roll of Honour!
The CFO100 Programme annually recognises the top 100 senior finance professionals in India who have made a difference with their acumen, attitude and leadership. CFO100 Award is a tribute to Vishwas's exceptional contribution to corporate finance in 'Technology' sector. Vishwas was awarded a Trophy & Certificate at the CFO100 Conference and Felicitation Ceremony held on 16 March 2018 at The Leela, Mumbai.
Vishwas More (Center) receives CFO100 Trophy & Certificate from Mr. Damodaran (Right) Ex-Chairman, SEBI
Vishwas More (Center) receives CFO100 Trophy & Certificate from Mr. Damodaran (Right) Ex-Chairman, SEBI
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Zenefits: 'Work' Away from Office
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