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Jan 2018
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Dear Readers,
Greetings from Swan Solutions!
It's has been more than a decade since cloud computing became part of IT's strategic discussions. Be that as it may, every single conversation that we have with the tech leaders even today involves some form of cloud.
They passionately share stories on how cloud transformed the way they consume technology, how it fuels their digital journeys, and occasionally, how badly they want to exit out of it.
Cloud has become IT's lingua franca!
In 2018, we see no reason for this 'cloud appetite' to go down. Infact, IT decision makers are expecting an exciting year for the cloud ecosystem, as technologies like AI, containers and IoT get widely adopted.
We will see these techs complementing each other to derive better results, cut costs and improve efficiencies. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud will be the way forward.
No smart business would want to miss out on this new cloud wave.
Tech Trend
2018: Where is the Cloud Market Headed?
2018: Where is the Cloud Market Headed?
Is cloud an underutilized computing model? Yes, massively, believe pundits. Primarily because, the vast potential of cloud goes beyond basic computing and storage in someone else's highly virtualized and highly available data centers, argue experts. The number of organizations that have optimized the cloud to generate better business outcomes is still a small majority.
However, the pace of change in the cloud space will be unparalleled in 2018.
According to Forrester, we'll pass that magic threshold in 2018 where more than 50% of global enterprises will rely at least on public cloud platform to drive digital transformation and delight customers. Here are a few key trends that will impact the cloud landscape this year.
Kubernetes and container orchestration
Containerization gained prominence in 2015 and is now a mainstream technology for enterprises. In the last one year or so, the industry realized the need for an orchestration layer to successfully deploy containers in production. That's when Kubernetes entered the enterprises.
Today, it is the most widely used orchestration tool, with all the major public cloud vendors announcing support. Expect to see this space picking up great impetus this year.
AI and Machine Learning
Enterprises have been using AI in different ways, but in 2018, machine learning and AI will have a more meaningful role in managing the complexity associated with cloud.
Machine-driven knowledge and automation is predicted to enhance various aspects like monitoring, incident management, cost management and configuration management in the cloud environment.
IDC predicted that over 85 percent of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multicloud architectures by 2018. Enterprises will readily distribute their applications over multiple clouds, by choosing the best cloud that meets their needs.
Fear of vendor lock-in, the need to reduce cost, bring in more efficiency and other factors will fuel this growth towards multicloud environments
Expert Tip
Multi-cloud Strategy: Getting It Right
Multi-cloud Strategy: Getting It Right
Multicloud model is an unavoidable path that organizations have to go down. Nevertheless, managing a multicloud environment calls for renewed management strategies, new tools and a different approach. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be an excellent tool for IT leaders to cut the complexity associated with multi-cloud management, automate performance optimization, and increase security and governance. AI and machine learning helps in removing repetition in a multi-cloud environment, and ensure cost optimization. Invest more on areas such as security, compliance and governance, considering the increasingly distributed and complex cloud environments.
Swan Won 2.79CR Order from India's Leading Financial Services Co. for HPE Blade Infra Upgrade
Swan Wins Best FSI Partner Award FY-17 from HPE
Swan Wins Best FSI Partner Award FY-17 from HPE
At a recently held FSI Vertical Partner Meet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recognized Swan Solutions as their Best Partner HPE Aruba FY-2017.
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