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Dec 2017
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Dear Readers,
Greetings from Swan Solutions!
Adieu to Another Year!
2017 was a year full of transformations, challenges, and a few surprises.
In many ways, it was a landmark year for the Indian IT industry too. We did face plenty of hurdles in the form of plateaued growth, tax/policy reforms, cyber threats, changing business models and many more.
But, what we did achieve is the devices and the wisdom to overcome these hurdles.
It was a year that taught us a very important lesson-success relies on how fast we change, how rapidly we innovate and how effortlessly we adapt. And this lesson will help us immensely as we step into 2018.
The times will continue to be demanding, putting pressure on how we approach new technologies and ensure results. For the tech leaders, it will be a year of dramatic role change as their organizations 'walk the digital talk'.
So, let us be what we are-the relentless fighters!!
Have a wonderful Year Ahead!
Tech Trend
Tech Trend
Trends that will Reform 2018
2018 is predicted to see an increased momentum in the adoption of many technologies that remained a hype in 2017. "The accelerating adoption of digitalization and the quickening pace of technological innovation are changing the nature of the CIO's job - from the old role of delivery executive to the new role of business executive," reaffirms Gartner. And it's true in every possible way.
Based on the predictions by leading research agencies, here is a quick rundown on the trends that will transform IT in 2018.
Digital Transformation - Chapter 2
The enterprise digital journey will gain further momentum. Businesses across the world will strive harder to achieve a competitive edge using digital technologies. Digital will thus become the foundation on which companies will start to build use cases of technologies such as IoT, AI, SDDS and Cloud 2.0. Analysts predict that CIOs will outdo chief digital officers in the coming year and lead the digital transformative drive.
IoT to Become Core Strategy
If 2017 saw more IoT projects failures than success, 2018 will be more of a strategic year for the technology. By 2020, IoT technology is predicted to be in 95% of electronics for new product designs. The fastest adoption will happen in retail, healthcare, and industrial/supply chain industries. Forrester Research has predicted that IoT will become "the backbone" of customer value as it continues to grow.
Artificial Intelligence will be Rife
According to Gartner, Artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on how we will work ,and IT leaders must orchestrate changes in their enterprise's workforce as seriously as they seek to reap the business value of AI. Around 55% of marketers agree that Machine Learning will allow them to make better decisions in 2018, an iProspect Survey points out.
The Shift to Hyperagile Architectures
IDC predicts that, by 2021, Enterprise Apps will shift toward Hyperagile Architectures, with 80% of application development on Cloud Platforms (PaaS) using Microservices and Cloud Functions and over 95% of new Microservices deployed in Containers.
Expert Tip
Where to Put your Money
Where to Put your Money
By the end of 2019, digital transformation spending is expected to reach $1.7 trillion worldwide, a 42% increase from 2017. Your investment decisions should thus focus on the broader context of being a digital enterprise. Your traditional investment priorities and IT models may not turn out to be a great approach. Instead, focus on preparing your infrastructure for the digital future, while paying equal attention to how traditional processes and skills requirements will have to be changed. Keep a three-year window to achieve these goals and create a digital-native model.
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