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Nov 2017
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Here are some hard numbers to begin with: In just three years, VC investments around quantum computing amounted to $147 million, and governments globally provided $2.2 billion for quantum computing research.
All the big names IBM, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba are investing millions of dollars for quantum computing experiments.
Why is the tech world so excited about this 'revolutionary new model of computing'? No two ways about it: our classical computers have huge limitations in solving data-intensive problems, which the quantum computers promise to solve in a jiffy.
The latest quantum computer can be upto 100 million times faster than its conventional computing counterpart!
But, are we to expect a 'quantum' breakthrough any time soon? We have our doubts.
Research around quantum computing has gained significant momentum in recent years. Nevertheless, realistic applications of quantum computing are likely years away, especially in markets like India.
Currently, countries like the US and UK are actively exploring new applications of this technology. In India, new experiments however got off to a slow start. Perhaps, we have enough problems in the classical computing world, which needs immediate attention!
Tech Trend
Quantum Computing: Will It Cut the Mustard?
Quantum Computing: Will It Cut the Mustard?
Understanding how quantum computer works can be quite a challenging task. Here is how IBM, one of the pioneers in quantum computing research, deciphers it: "Classical computers encode information in bits. Each bit can take the value of 1 or 0. These 1s and 0s act as on/off switches that ultimately drive computer functions. Quantum computers, on the other hand, are based on qubits. Qubits can act as more sophisticated switches, enabling quantum computers to function in ways that allow them to solve difficult problems that are intractable using today's computers."
On the enterprise side, quantum computing is expected to bring substantial improvements in areas such as cyber security, big data, AI, machine learning, business process optimization among things. NASA uses quantum computing for data analysis & data fusion, anomaly detection & decision making, air traffic management and technology-aware parallel computing. Globally, some large public and private sector companies are already active in quantum research. Examples include Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Lockheed Martin, Airbus etc.
At the same time, most of the applications are still theoretical and mainstream applications/general purpose computer for enterprises will take a decade or even more to develop, thanks to the associated engineering challenges.
A major concern about the widespread use of quantum computers is how it will influence today's encryption systems with its ability to break most of the commonly used cryptosystems. Quantum computing is thus perceived to pose a major threat to data security in the future.
Expert Tip
Be Ready for the Quantum Era
Be Ready for the Quantum Era
It isn't too early to explore the possibilities and applications of quantum computing within enterprises. Quantum computing promises to impact areas such as cyber security, risk management, data storage, hack-resistant cryptography, software debugging, and machine learning. Prepare your high-performance computing architectures for the eventual impact this technology will bring in. Reimagine your analytics workloads for the future and relook at your long-range cyber security strategies. Most importantly, keep yourself updated about the latest developments in the field of quantum computing.
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