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Sep 2017
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Dear Readers,
Greetings from Swan Solutions!
"There's no way that company exists in a year." Those were the exact words from Siebel Systems' CEO about Salesforce, way back in 2001.
While Siebel was bought over by Oracle in 2005, we know what Salesforce went on to become in the years followed. Public cloud has undeniably been one of the fastest growing technologies we have seen. There has since been a huge rush of 'cloud-converts',due to its huge potential.
But along with cloud, one another factor improved dramatically - the on-premise IT experience - thanks to new technologies and approaches.
Consequently, many enterprise IT infrastructures today have a Hybrid infrastructure one that combines public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT. And, how these three components of IT work in harmony is going to be critical to your success.
I believe that our legacy datacenters aren't going away anytime soon, despite the growing adoption of cloud. Hybrid IT is thus going to be a key IT strategy for the foreseeable future!
Tech Trend
Hybrid IT: The Right Blend
Hybrid IT: The Right Blend
A few months ago, Gartner came up with an interesting observation--"by 2020, cloud, hosting and traditional infrastructure services will come in at par in terms of spending." The research agency believes that organizations that adopt such hybrid infrastructures will optimize costs and increase efficiency.
Gartner precisely is talking about a future and indeed an existing scenario, where an organizations on-premise infrastructure co-exists with various cloud models such as private, managed or public.
Cloud is certainly a top priority for CIOs; but studies indicate that about 60 percent of businesses see Hybrid IT solutions to be a significant part of their enterprise computing solutions, now and going forward. This means that a large number of organizations do not want to give up on their physical, legacy infrastructures. On-premise IT infrastructures can be greatly improved to meet changing business requirements and to some extent, get to the bottom of some of the long-standing concerns associated with a cloud-only strategy.
Hybrid infrastructures, if deployed effectively, allow the kind of control and flexibility that CIOs always aspire to achieve. Besides, public cloud options raise serious apprehensions around performance and cost/billing. Recent cloud outages further aggravate fears around non-availability.
Hybrid infrastructure isnt a silver bullet, but it can bring in substantial changes to the way IT is consumed and managed. The success often lies in finding the right blend of your own on-premise IT, private and public cloud.
Expert Tip
Getting started with AI
Securing Hybrid IT
Security is one of the key concerns for IT decision makers while transitioning to a Hybrid IT environment. Existing tools for the legacy systems should be maintained, while new techniques have to be adopted for the modernized infrastructure. Instead of retaining your old security tools as is, go for augmentation and addition of new tools to address the changing landscape. Traditional tools like firewalls and VPNs will still be needed. But newer aspects of intrusion detection/prevention, identity management, encryption, backup and cloud access security brokers are going to be critical in protecting your infrastructure.
Swan Won a large Network deal worth 50 Lakhs from One of the biggest Media & Entertainment house in India which was coming up with fresh facility for their new Sport Channel. Qualified Network Architects from Swan understood customerís requirement & designed state-of-the-art Network Architecture. The Solution comprises of 2 high-end Chassis-based Core Switches & multiple Access Switches from HPE Aruba. This new Network infrastructure is specially designed for low latency & high throughput network traffic. On top of it, this Hybrid Solution is a combination of both Wired & Wireless Network.
Swan Wins Aruba FY17 Top Security Partner Award
We are delighted to inform you that Swan has received the Aruba FY17 Top Security Partner Award - APAC for India. This award was given to us at the APAC Atmosphere Partners Award Ceremony held in Macau on 20th Sept 2017.
This Partners Award Ceremony recognizes the HPE Enterprise and Aruba partners' outstanding performance and accomplishments in FY17 that raise the standard for business excellence and customer satisfaction. Winners are chosen for their excellent financial performance and driving meaningful business results for their customers.
Click here to view our Award Picture.
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