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Aug 2017
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The recent reports about Facebook’s failed Artificial Intelligence experiments created quite a stir in the industry. When two AI chatbots started speaking in their own language, it surely did remind us about those Hollywood sci-fi thrillers that portrayed a future taken over by machines.
AI has been a point of contention before too, with many noted personalities warning about what it could arguably do to the mankind. Nevertheless, the potential of artificial intelligence remains undeniably high.
On the enterprise side, AI is predicted to open up numerous possibilities and help us do our jobs, better and faster. Despite having many naysayers, AI is already an integral part of our lives, through predictive analytics, Chatbots, voice assistants, image recognition, purchase prediction, machine learning and more.
Most of the tech giants, be it Google, Apple or Baidu, are investing billions in this technology, for R&D, deployments and acquisitions. It’s evident that the AI’s future is bright and clear.
Tech Trend
Artificial Intelligence: The Pros and Cons?
Artificial Intelligence: The Pros and Cons?
Artificial intelligence has had many doomsayers right from the beginning. Stephen Hawking warned us that it could end mankind. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Must said, “If you're not concerned about AI safety, you should be.”
Whether they are right or wrong—only time will tell. But, like any technology, the good and bad of AI will depend largely on how it is used and implemented. There could be dangers attached to unregulated AI experimentations and usage, but AI is irrefutably a great problem-solving tool.
As Paul Daugherty, the CTO of Accenture rightly sums up, “Our goal with AI is not to make super humans, it’s to make humans super.” Big data, combined with AI and machine learning, is driving great business value across industries. AI’s ability to process and analyse huge volumes of data help businesses in taking faster, better and error-free decisions. It also takes over mundane tasks so that humans can focus on more specialized skills.
Early adopters like healthcare, financial services and professional services are already seeing substantial increase in their profit margins due to AI adoption.
Amazon reduced its “Click to ship” cycle time from 75 minutes with humans to 15 minutes with AI. Netflix uses AI to avoid cancelled subscriptions that would reduce its revenue by $1B annually.
Some of the major concerns around AI at this stage are centered around job losses, lack of judgment calls, and potential security issues. AI’s ability to self-learn is often pointed out as a potential danger which requires governmental regulatory control.
Expert Tip
Getting started with AI
Getting started with AI
Like with any new technology, organizations find it hard to make a start on AI. The first and simple way to start integrating AI into IT is by turning your applications into intelligent applications. This can be done by integrating language understanding, image pattern recognition, natural language processing or video search APIs. Further on, enterprises can acquire data from a variety of existing sources and implement a custom machine learning model. Machine learning as a service is now a popular option for such customers.
Swan won a large HPE Synergy deal worth 1.79CR from one of India's leading non-banking finance companies. HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure of physical and virtual pools and a single management interface that allows IT to instantly assemble and re-assemble resources in any configuration. As the foundation for the New Style of Business infrastructure, the HPE Synergy eliminates hardware and operational complexity. It Helps IT to deliver infrastructure to applications faster and with greater precision and flexibility.
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Newton Mail
Newton Mail: An Intelligent Email App
This rock-solid email app comes with features such as Read Receipts, Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Connected Apps. It helps you to be more organized and effective with your communication.
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The Mindfulness App: For a Sharper Mind
This app is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve mental health and overall wellbeing. It has reminders and statistics to stay focused on your practice even during busy schedules.
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