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July 2017
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Satya Nadella once rightly said: “Every business will be a software business”. What he didn’t say though is how every business will also have to be a storage business!
The exploding volume and speed of data growth has left every company wanting to have the smartest storage systems in the world. Simply adding more hardware to increase the capacity is not going to be viable any more. It increases complexity, limits scalability and surely doesn’t align well with today’s shrinking storage budgets.
While data volumes will continue to grow, the one technology considered to put an end to many storage woes—software-defined storage—is now becoming a decisive choice for enterprises. In the next twelve to eighteen months, many Indian organizations that we spoke to are prepared to go down the software route—to transform their storage systems into scalable, flexible, and cost-effective architectures that leverage the commodity hardware.
What they need to ensure now is how SDS can be integrated successfully with their existing systems without any rip and replace. Because the one who owns the smartest storage will now have the competitive edge.
Tech Trend
SDS Finally Coming of Age?
According to Markets and Markets, the software-defined storage market was worth $4.72 billion in 2016, and it could increase to $22.56 billion by 2021, clocking a whopping 36.7% compound annual growth rate. SDS has been the fastest growing segment in the whole software-defined data center space, with organizations of all sizes moving to the realization of many of its possibilities.
2017 is considered as the ‘year of maturity for SDS’ by industry experts, as the industry witnesses a storage tipping point. Organizations are open to a storage relook, while vendors have enterprise-class offerings that meet the budgetary constraints. SDS also serves as a strong foundation for the growing hybrid cloud infrastructures, making it an imperative part of an organization’s cloud journey.
In many ways, SDS is the logical choice for enterprises that seek high agility and robustness along with cost and time efficiency.
In India, along with large enterprises, the SMB sector has emerged as one of the key consumers of SDS, as they seek to improve their business efficiency, processes, and pace of innovation.
SDS is also the answer for the explosive growth in data triggered by various digitization initiatives of the Indian government. A sizeable number of Indian organizations from various verticals are on the verge of realistically adopting SDS.
Expert Tip
How to protect your investment
SDS: How to Protect your Investments
One of the many benefits of SDS is that it allows you to be hardware agnostic. However, transitioning to SDS does not mean that you will have to move from your existing gear. Choose from a set of solutions that allow you to protect your existing investment around server, storage, or networking, without having the need to make further investment on management tools or skill sets. A true SDS approach comes with interoperability that enables seamless integration into the existing IT environments. It is also important to test your SDS in your environment with your workloads, network performance and usage spikes, to avoid possible incompatibilities.
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