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issue 29, Aug 2016
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Hybrid cloud has been in the CIO’s wish list for a while now. It promises the best of both worlds—a right blend of public and private clouds. Hybrid cloud offers the control and security of a private cloud, along with the flexibility, elasticity and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud. IDC rightly calls it the "new standard for delivery of Digital Transformation".

Organizations that initially stayed away from the hybrid cloud model are now giving it a serious thought. In fact, around half of the companies we spoke to have already moved many applications to a hybrid cloud deployment for business agility and growth.

That said, integration and migration challenges around hybrid cloud still abound. Lack of expertise and a proper migration plan can put a spoke in the wheel. It will be disastrous if you end up with two separate private and public clouds that do not talk to each other!

Despite these hurdles, we believe that hybrid cloud will take the market by storm in near future. Because, the benefits it offers are simply undeniable! It’s important that the users, the cloud providers and the solution builders come together and work towards addressing these concerns.


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Defining Your Hybrid Cloud

Defining Your Hybrid Cloud

Let’s face it, hybrid cloud is a tough decision to make. It’s not as simple as signing up for a public cloud service like hosting or storage or adding more resources to your on-site environment. Nevertheless, almost half of large enterprises globally will have deployed hybrid cloud by the end of 2017, says Gartner. Enterprises in India have already began their move away from private cloud by focusing their investment options around hybrid cloud.

The reasons are plenty—flexibility, better performance, reduced cost, improved security and control. But a true hybrid model should allow users to burst up to the cloud when the private infrastructure is not sufficient enough to meet the requirements. This seamless movement of workloads is often the challenge organizations face.

Before taking the hybrid plunge, organizations must try to consider issues including data portability, integration, management and operations hurdles. It’s important to define ‘which workload runs where’ before the migration happens. CIOs should have a well thought-out plan in place and consider the cost benefits of going hybrid.

Only a comprehensive assessment of your requirements and the existing systems can define your hybrid cloud. Unfortunately, organizations tend to overlook this fact due to lack of expertise, experience and the right resources. The only way out is to be constantly aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for hybrid cloud deployments. It depends largely on what you already have and what you want to achieve!

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Swan Solutions bagged prestigious order to provide MPLS connectivity for 200+ branches of RRB Bank across PAN India. The order includes complete link provisioning via BSNL MPLS Cloud & Redundant Link Configuration of branch Routers. Swan will additionally provide end to end Link Management Services via its GSDC Center.
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Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) for Hybrid Security

Companies are often worried about how they can ensure that the data which resides outside the network firewall complies with the organization’s security policies. Along with hybrid cloud adoption, such security concerns too arise. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), a software tool or service, can act as a gatekeeper by sitting between the organization’s on premise private cloud and the public cloud. CASBs can protect data that travels between the two clouds and identify potential threats. CASBs can discover the origin of suspicious behavior by performing retroactive analysis..
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Q: Why did the developer go broke?
A: Because he used up all his cache

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