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ISSUE 5, July 2012
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Dear Friends,

It gives me pleasure to present to you the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter CommuniQA. Despite the business environment refusing to improve and pessimism all around, let me share with you some positive news from Swan. We have recorded a quarter on quarter growth of 50% in the first quarter of FY 2012-13 and are looking forward to repeating the same performance in this quarter as well. We attribute this success to our existing customers who have retained their confidence in us, as also our new customers this quarter. This quarter we added five new customers into our fold, thus increasing the list of Swan Privilege Club Customers to 40.

I thank you for reading our newsletter and also for participating in the quiz. I implore you all to try your hand at the quiz. Please do send us your feedback to keep improving our newsletter.


Customer Speak
Riverbed Steelhead Improves DR Replication for CIBIL
(Says Mr. A Shiju Rawther, Asst VP - Technology Infrastructure)
Mr. A Shiju Rawther Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited or CIBIL is a Credit Information Company (CIC) founded in 2001. Post Inception, CIBIL have come to play a critical role in India's financial system. Whether it is to help loan providers manage their business or help consumers secure credit faster and at better terms, the use of CIBIL's products have led to a massive change in the way the credit life cycle is managed by both loan providers and consumers.

Challenge: Meeting Business Continuity and DR Objectives

CIBIL designed a disaster recovery (DR) site out-of-state to meet its business continuity requirements. Following build-out of the new DR site, the business application replicates database files using a 20 Mbps WAN link to the DR facility. According to A Shiju Rawther, Assistant Vice President IT Infrastructure at CIBIL, "It is a continuous synchronous replication and specifically for one of the core database it took approximate 10 minutes to replicate one logs of size 300 MB each at our DR site." Overcoming this slow performance, which was caused by high network latency while replicating approximate of 150 GB data per day, remained a challenge. The CIBIL IT team needed to improve its recovery point objective (RPO), while avoiding costly bandwidth upgrades.

Solution: WAN Optimization Improves Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

CIBIL researched WAN optimization solutions to solve the latency issue, improve their RPO and avoid reoccurring bandwidth costs. "We tested various alternatives, and only Riverbed fulfilled our technology and business requirements. Riverbed's performance, ease-of-management and simplicity to scale met our technical criteria."Shiju added. "The performance of the Steelhead appliances at our DR site sold us on the solution".

During the POC process with Riverbed in production, CIBIL used Steelhead appliance features to pull reports. "We were in the early stages of evaluating WAN optimization, and we were not aware of how much data went over the network," said Shiju. "The Steelhead appliance reports gave us new insight into how much data was being backed up and reduced, and GUI was easy to use." After thorough testing, CIBIL selected the Riverbed Steelhead solution. Shiju's team was so pleased with the results of the evaluation that they asked to keep the test appliances in production to meet its business continuity and RPO goals until CIBIL's new appliances arrived.

Benefits: Replication speeds up to 12X allowing CIBIL to Replicate Data Quicker

With the Steelhead appliances between CIBIL's main office in Mumbai, and its DR site at Chennai, the company's DR link bandwidth to replicate to the recovery site was reduced from 50% usage. "We are assured that after a disaster, our business can be up and running within couple of hours, because the Steelhead appliances are moving megabytes of data versus gigabytes of data throughout the day," commented Shiju.If we did not deploy Steelhead appliances to replicate our data, we would have had to upgrade our network to a 40Mb and the reoccurring bandwidth cost would almost double our DR bandwidth budget. More bandwidth would still not solve latency or data issues, but only give us a bigger circuit," he explained.

By improving replication speeds by up to 12X to CIBIL's DR site, Shiju can focus on other IT projects. "We have been successful in virtualizing 40% of our servers and now look to optimize our DR site with Steelhead appliances. Riverbed allows us to replicate more data between our DR site by running high-availability without impacting performance for our business applications.

Mr. A Shiju Rawther
Assistant Vice President - Technology Infrastructure
Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited

Big Wins
Swan won the prestigious deal of supplying the infrastructure to one of the large private life insurance company for their application mobility solution. This solution is to be deployed across India for their sales agents to carry along with them on field. The aim of this project is to print policy within 5 minutes in front of the customer and hand it over to them on the same call.

Long back,
A person who sacrificed his sleep,
forgot his family,
forgot his food,
forgot laughter were called “SAINTS”

But now they are called......
"IT professionals"
Free Downloads
PDF To Word Converter Free
PDF To Word Converter Free is a powerful freeware application for intelligently converting PDF to easily editable Word DOC document. This FREE application uses artificial intelligence and also allows inputs from the user code to accurately recognize and convert paragraphs, tables, bullets, numbered lists, newspaper columns, and other standard document formatting features. The outputs Word DOC document that are well-formatted and easily editable.

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL - licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.
Special Announcements
Mr. Nitin Alsi

Mr. Nitin Alsi (formerly VP Sales) has been assigned new role of heading entire Sales operation in Swan from April 1st 2012. Under this new role as President - Sales, Mr. Nitin would be responsible for developing and managing sales to address business needs for existing as well as new clients across all verticals. We wish him all the best for his new role.

Mr. Alam Shaikh

Our Pre-Sales Executive Mr. Alam Shaikh was named a "Top Gun" at the IBM Power Top Gun sales training class in Bangalore July 17-20, 2012. This honour is awarded to the top 10% of the students in the class and is based on outstanding performance on quizzes, opportunity workshops and exercises, as well as, overall positive contributions to class discussions. Further, he achieved this honour while attending this training of Top Gun for the very 1st time. This accomplishment of Alam has established Swan's credential with IBM as a P-Series partner.

Solution Focus
Microsoft Office 365: It's an All in One Tool for today's Users!
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of Cloud productivity to businesses, helping to save time and money and freeing valued resources.

Office 365 is simple to use and easy to administer and is backed by robust security and a guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime Service Level Agreement that brings you the availability you expect from a world-class service provider like Microsoft.

Office 365 is answering the needs of customers by providing a solution that requires very little upfront investment, is easy to manage, scales quickly with subscription-based services, and provides all the collaboration and productivity tools most companies need.
Office 365 provides users access to these productivity tools across multiple devices including personal computers (PCs), phones, and Internet browsers. It can accommodate up to a 25 gigabyte (GB) mailbox and 25 megabyte (MB) attachments. Additionally, Office 365 allows users to access shared calendars for increased collaboration.

In this way, end users always have access to their data and tools, while IT does not have to spend time provisioning or updating software.

Microsoft Office has always been about automating tasks and providing people with choices for how they get things done at work. With Office 2010, employees can have a seamless Office experience.

Office 365 provides customers with an easy-to-build public Web site that has up to 10 GB site storage, with 500 MB per user.

Technology Trend
Disk-to-Disk backup
Nowadays it's growing trend that customer's adapting Disk to Disk (D2D) backup strategy over traditional tape base backup. The term "disk-to-disk", or "D2D", generally refers to disk-to-disk backup. With D2D, a computer hard disk is backed up to another hard disk rather than to a tape. D2D enables multiple backup and recovery operations to simultaneously access the disk directly.

Typical advantages of disk-to-disk

Higher speed and higher capacity, relative to tape or floppy, resulting in shorter backup and recovery windows.

Non-linear recovery of data, enabling a specific file to be restored quicker and simpler than with tape.
Lower total cost of ownership due to increased automation and lower hardware costs

D2D Backup enables De-duplication reduces the disk space required to store backup datasets by typically 20x without impacting backup performance. Retaining more backup data on disk for longer, enables greater data accessibility for rapid restore of lost or corrupt files and reduces downtime.

Choice of targets for backup applications VTL, NAS* (CIFS/NFS) or both, providing users with flexibility in how they configure their backups.

Roll of Honour
Nitin Alsi Nitin Alsi
Consistent Performer & Best Swan of the Year 2011-12
Vilas Khot Vilas Khot
Consistent Performance - Support Team
Kumaresh Nadar Kumaresh Nadar
Consistent Performance - Support Team
Sharjil Khan Sharjil Khan
Performance - Swan Helpdesk @ Mahindra Finance
Jitesh Patel Jitesh Patel
Consistent Performance - Support Team
Mohsin Surve Mohsin Surve
Consistent Performance - Marketing Activity
Prasad Patil Prasad Patil
Best Performance -
Managing Swan HelpDesk Team @ SBI Life
Amol Lokhande Amol Lokhande
Consistent Performance Managing Swan Network Team @ SBI life
Arsul Shaikh Arsul Shaikh
Consistent Performance - Managing Swan HelpDesk Team @ SBI Life Natraj site
Irfan Shaikh Irfan Shaikh
Managing Swan DataCenter Team @ SBI Life
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