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ISSUE 15, July 2015
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Dear Friends,

One of the most interesting conversations I come across today is around Gen Y – the so-called ‘millennials’ aged between 18 and 34. We cannot escape their impact on our industry.

The IT industry is buzzing with the millennial generation in the form of employees and consumers. They are mobile, yet connected 24/7 and want real time information on what’s going on. They show up at the office in their smartest attire, always multi-task on the phone, their attention span is often less than an infant’s, and what you see is a blur that you can’t seem to understand. They are also a power house of energy waiting to get channelized with a desire to be lifelong learners. These traits explain the latest enterprise tech trends like the need to be an agile, mobility and BYOD.

Clearly, these are challenges that IT department all around face today, but the most difficult challenge isn't technical at all. It lies in accepting that the way IT has operated for more than a generation is ending. Let’s move over.


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Case Study
Leading Indian Bank Woos GenY with Real-Time Digital Banking Solutions
Leading Indian Bank Woos GenY with Real-Time Digital Banking Solutions
Swan Solutions helps largest Indian Bank to digitize its retail banking experience by upgrading its IT infrastructure. With the help of Swan Solutions, a leading retail bank is now able to run their new digital banking services with high availability and scalability. The solution implemented by Swan has resulted in faster processing time for a debit card/credit card and loan approvals from over two weeks to less than thirty minutes.
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Tech Trend
Dont Wait for Disaster to Strike
Business continuity & disaster recovery: Choose Both

As a system integrator, we are often asked about disaster recovery, while business continuity lurks in the background as not many know the difference. The saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is the easiest way to point out this difference – business continuity (BC) is the prevention and disaster recovery (DR) is the cure. Though the terms are often used together, there’s a huge difference in the kind of planning each one requires. Understand the role both play in a crisis before you make your plan.

BC ensures that mission critical functions will continue to operate during and after a disaster with absolutely no disruptions. Such planning enables organizations to quickly and smoothly re-establish services to a fully functional level. Meanwhile, DR protects an organization from events like cyber-attacks, equipment failures and natural calamities. Planning for DR involves documenting policies, procedures and actions to limit disruption to an organization in the wake of a disaster.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is staying content with only a DR plan. BC is equally important to ensure that critical company applications and data have integrity, that service levels are met, and that applications can quickly be brought back online if there is an interruption of service. When you create a plan for your company, stay safe and choose both.

Title Big Wins
Swan’s group company Emqube Consulting is a Software Solutions company which recently bagged a prestigious order from a leading financial house to develop a tax compliance solution. The new solution will help to streamline tax compliance in the group companies and assist the tax department to meet deadlines. Emqube Consulting is a software development company that undertakes development of customized solutions for business operations.
Expert Tips
Design Matters
In the age of Apple and Google, consumer products are way ahead of enterprises. Millennials are a generation of experience, of look and feel. They expect the latest technologies everywhere. Don’t underestimate the importance of design and user-friendliness in your engagements with them. Ensure that your organization adopts the best communication tools with a visually appealing interface and provide real-time insights.
Just for Laughs
Here’s why Gen Y is known to be impatient : For 20 years, he said he wanted to be a spaceman. On the first day of training, he quit. It took him too long to put on his spacesuit.
Title Free Downloads
This is a unified communication solution for businesses. It is a collaboration platform for peer-to-peer and group communication which enables on-the-fly collaboration using multiple channels like chat and multimedia-sharing. Socialfire works cross platform- across mobile enabled devices, OS & browsers.


It is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format mobile app localized in more than 20 languages. The software collects content from social media and other websites, presents it in magazine format, and allows users to ‘flip’ through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with the company.

Title Quiz
Would you like to win a Free Movie Ticket ? Answer a few simple questions and send us the reply. In case of more than one correct entry, winner will be chosen by a draw.
A) What does this popular Gen Y abbreviation stand for: YOLO?
1) You Own Large Oxen, 2) You Only Live Once,
3) You Obviously Lack Originality 4) Yes, On Less Oxygen
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