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This decade has been defined as the golden age of SMBs and startups. This is the age when the various Steve Jobs in India are starting businesses in their own garage.

There is a misconception among SMBs that server network is meant only for the bigger giants. Instead they just continued adding on workstations to their old peer-to-peer network. The truth is, if you have over five employees, you have a lot to gain from a server network.

For instance, consider the network security it provides. Rights can be assigned to the data stored on the network, i.e., unauthorized users can be prevented from accessing materials they shouldn't be viewing by creating individual user and group accounts. Or even consider the increased reliability and decreased workflow interruption; the loss of one of the power supply doesn't affect normal system operations because of a secondary source of power. The same goes for a server's storage system.

SMBs can get overwhelmed when it comes to using the right technology for their business. They need to understand what works best for them before venturing into the industry.

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It’s High Time Servers Go Virtual

The concept of server virtualization has existed for over a decade, but people still refer to it as a new technology. Those of us who have adopted virtualization now believe that there is simply no going back to a ‘physical-only’ world.

Before we tell you why, let’s get into the basics of server virtualization. Virtualization software allows you to operate multiple virtual servers on one physical server. This means even if your organization owns just one server, it can run multiple virtual servers at the same time.

With server virtualization, each virtual server is capable of running its own operating system and applications, and can perform like an individual server.

One of the main benefits of virtualization is isolation – it allows isolation of systems that don’t interact well with others and can’t be installed on the same physical server. There are no conflicting software issues as multiple virtual servers can be created on one physical server. Besides, running virtual servers is more viable as purchasing two physical servers may prove expensive. Your organization saves money as you get the most of your hardware. There’s no reason to multiple physical servers and operate them all at half capacity, when a single physical server can run multiple virtual servers and perform the same task for half the hardware cost. Additionally, network security is also increased by isolating multiple systems on different virtual servers. Moreover, if one physical server encounters hardware issues, the virtual server can often be moved to another physical machine, allowing the server to stay active while the physical server is being repaired.

There are numerous benefits to virtualization. It doesn’t matter which software you choose, server virtualization is the future of computing.
Swan Solutions has won a large deal worth Rs 1.75 crore from a private life insurance player. With the new deployment, they will roll out their insurance infrastructure on which their core insurance software will run.

IDG India’s ChannelWorld magazine has awarded Swan Solutions with the 'Premier 100 Award 2015' at the annual awards ceremony held in Pune, May 21st 2015. The annual award program recognizes the best solution providers, systems integrators, value-added resellers, and independent software vendors in India. Swan has won this award every year since the year of its inception, making it 7th award in a row.

The theme for the award ceremony this year was ‘The Agile 100’, where a hundred leading organizations were recognized for their ability to adapt rapidly to changing tech landscape and business environment, tweaked business models to customer demands, set new benchmarks from the rest, explored new opportunities and profited from it.

Expert Tip

A data center operator has many fears, the biggest one being server downtime. IT professionals lose sleep over such outages as it creates service interruptions and frustrations for their clients. It is important that organizations do everything in their control to ensure server uptime and uninterrupted services.

Sometimes, simple steps take care of your biggest worries. You can do your organization a huge favor by planning carefully. Include life cycle management and double check the system configuration as well as maintenance schedules. Also practice routine preventive maintenance as it is the easiest way of bolstering server reliability. Using monitoring tools can save trouble a long way as it gives you adequate oversight.

Centrum Capital Uses Virtualization to Ensure ZeroDowntime and 24/7 Data Availability

Swan Solutions assisted the company in migrating its servers to a virtual environment, thereby ensuring more efficient management of resources

Swan Solutions, announced the migration of Centrum Capital's servers to a virtual environment. The migration ensures that its data is available 24/7 and that server issues do not affect users in the form of downtime. Centrum Capital is one of India's leading financial companies with a network of 80 branches spread all over the country. The company, which has a cumulative experience of deals worth Rs 10 trillion from over 1,600 billion transactions, has to manage large volumes of data on a daily basis.

Altaf Hussain, Solutions Head, Swan Solutions says, "Data availability is mission critical to financial companies. Virtualization has helped ensure that data is always available to users at Centrum Capital. It has also steeply lowered data center infrastructure costs."

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