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ISSUE 11, October November December 2013
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Dear Friends,

With elections just round the corner and government-buying grinding to a halt, it will be large enterprise and SMBs who will drive IT growth for next six months. We all are hoping to see a clear mandate to reform minded political outfits which can then kick-start substantial GDP growth in the immediate future.

Swan will close the FY 13-14 at 50+ Crore and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our customers who have reaffirmed their faith in us this year again.

I am sure you are looking forward to spending the upcoming vacations with your family and I wish you all the best of times. We will be running a contest titled "Best of Times" in the next CommuniQA due in June 2014. So when you come back from your vacation share with us your exotic snaps to win some exciting prizes.

Thank you for reading our newsletter regularly and as always your compliments and critiques are most welcome.

Title Technology Trend
Wearable technology

We already have Google Glass and Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and LG and Sony are hot on their tail. The Apple's iWatch will be out in 2014.

If you're looking for high-end styling these may not be the fashion accessories for you, but they do offer a lot more than your conventional watch can deliver. The Google watch for instance will more than likely integrate Google Now, which aims to seamlessly provide relevant information when and where you want it.

As these watches become smarter, the technology will eventually be able to track your daily activities and behaviors and filter specific information and news to you based on that data.

Experts say smart CIOs and IT managers should be proactive in preparing for corporate wearables but also wary of embracing novel and untested devices.

The next couple of years (2014 - 2016) will mostly see pilots and early adoption of wearables, with vendors still bringing out finalized versions of their products. During this period, enterprise wearables will start to be used in healthcare and public safety.

Developer ecosystems for wearables will begin to mature in 2017, according to Forrester, and apps, back-end software and services for enterprises will become readily available through 2019.

By 2020, wearable technology will be common within many organizations -- and in the following four years, through 2024, wearables will become instrumental to how many employees do their jobs, Forrester says.

Title Big Wins
Swan won a Virtualisation deal at one of the large brokerage house with EMC as storage partner against stiff competition from DELL and IBM. Swan's integrated solution approach and execution capability won the order for us.
Title Free Downloads
Any.do To-do List & Task List

Any.do To-do List & Task List

Email, Calendar, Tasks, Notes - are not mundane tools. They're the lenses through which we focus our lives. At their simplest, they make us more efficient. At their greatest, they create a fluidity that completely changes how we see and interact with the world. That spectrum of possibility excites us here at Any.Do, and we're working to push its upper bound even further.


Manage your network.


Need a way to wrangle all your devices, software, cloud services, and even users? With network inventory and mapping, network monitoring and alerting, license management, troubleshooting, reporting, and much more, Spiceworks is the free IT management app with the tools you need to tackle your IT day.

Spicin' IT up all workday long.

Whether you need to inventory and manage your network, manage onsite software or offsite cloud services, run a help desk, build a knowledge base, or even buy IT products, Spiceworks has you covered. Tackle your IT day with a single integrated app!


Title Happenings

Nitin Alsi, President Sales (2nd from left) with IBM Team for Interconnect meet, Singapore

Interconnect Meet

Swan makes the cover on Channel World's Corporatisation story

Swan makes the cover on Channel World's Corporatisation story
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Swan is a 24 year old, IT infrastructure and facilities management company providing state-of-the-art IT solutions to large and medium enterprises.

Visit our website www.swansol.com to know more about us.
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