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June 2017
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It’s interesting to watch how disaster recovery has changed over the years. It was once considered an expensive ‘insurance policy’ without which businesses could still run smoothly. Back then, many businesses invested in outdated and futile DR methods for the purpose of showing a DR strategy to the world.
As data became the very soul of a business, organizations gradually woke up to the need to have an effective backup and recovery process. Even a short disruption in IT triggers a ripple effect across the entire organization.
Nevertheless, we still have many recent evidences of DR plans going awry. We have seen even the most tech-savvy companies ignoring the importance of a real-time failover plan, leading to tragic financial and reputational damage.
Data center modernization, digitization and endpoint diversification are all reasons for us to reform our approach to DR. New innovations and the advent of Cloud has ensured that a modern DR plan is no longer costly or complex. Now, there is no reason for us to be under-prepared for a true disaster or a cascading system failure.
Tech Trend
Modernizing Disaster Recovery
Modernizing Disaster Recovery
Delta, one of the largest American airlines that operates over 5400 flights in a day, was in for a shock when its Atlanta data center experienced a massive outage a few months ago. The extended outage forced the airline to cancel hundreds of flights and delay many more, causing major inconvenience to thousands of passengers, who were stranded at various airports.
It cost Delta a sheer $150 million and a tarnished reputation! An organization of Delta’s level would have certainly had a Disaster Recovery mechanism in place. But it’s evident that their Disaster Recovery planning and testing was insufficient.
Unfortunately, a sizeable number of organizations still depend on ineffectual backup and recovery that are not suitable for today’s constantly changing, data-intensive infrastructures. At the same time, the business expectation from IT has only gone up drastically with recovery time objectives shrinking continuously. Backups need to be faster than what’s possible with traditional methods. Downtime directly translates into financial loss, reputation damage and even regulatory penalties.
Latest technologies and innovations in backup and recovery make it possible to modernize your DR within your budgetary constraints. Today’s DR solutions are designed to be flexible, holistic and address various data siloes, and come with built-in analytics to proactively avoid business disruptions.
Emerging models such as DR-as-a-Service allow organizations to automate backup and recovery, minimizing data loss and ensuring business continuity.
Expert Tip
Cloud DR: How to Avoid Failure
Cloud DR: How to Avoid Failure
It’s highly unlikely that your primary data center and the Cloud DR infrastructure fail simultaneously. However, if it happens, you should have a disaster recovery plan in place to bring the operations up and running. Be aware of the SLA for each element of your DR plan, including those out of your control. Having more than one site in different regions, and using a backup application to send backup to both the sites could be an option.
Alternatively, one can implement a storage system, which is compatible with the cloud DR, at a remote office and have the backup software write to that location. Though an expensive option, one can go for two different cloud DR sites, and send backups to both the sites.
Pointnext Award Trophy
Swan Wins Best HPE Pointnext Attach Partner FY'17
We are glad to inform you that we have been awarded by HPE as their Best Pointnext Attach Partner FY'17. This award is in recognition to Swan's focussed approach in helping its customers get through the digital transformation process faster. HPE Pointnext is all about making Hybrid IT simple and powering the Intelligent Edge. Our Pointnext Team at Swan is committed to help customers modernise their IT infrastructure in one all-encompassing package of consulting, professional and operational services.
Click here to view our Pointnext Award Trophy.
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