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April 2017
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Dear Readers,
Greetings from Swan Solutions!
Since Swan started its operations in 1989, we have crossed many important milestones in our journey. Today, we stand tall once again as we reach another such milestone. I am more excited than ever to inform you that Swan clocked a whopping Rs 100 Crore in Sales in the financial year 2016-17!
We also recorded 11% year-over-year growth in our top-line amid such challenging market conditions. Our Solutions & Services business witnessed a strong 19% growth, backed by some major deals in the last fiscal. BFSI particularly has been a key driver for our growth and we are proud to have 5 out of the top 10 banks in India as our customers.
The 100CR mark is a fitting testament to the growing customer trust and commitment of the Swan team. Not the ones to rest on our laurels, we are even more resolute to keep up this momentum, by striving harder and adapting to changes.
And, change, it seems, is the only thing that never changes!
The industry has been so dynamic that yesterday’s ‘hype’ has become today’s reality. Internet of Things (IoT) is a brilliant example for this. Till a year ago, IoT was a technology for the home. This year, there isn’t a single business that wants to stay away from this technology.
Widespread IoT adoption would further initiate multitude of changes within enterprise IT. Be it data management, analytics, security or customer engagement, organizations will need to recondition their existing methods. When IoT is here to sweep over, let’s prepare ourselves for the new wave.
Tech Trend
The IoT Disruption: What to Expect
The IoT Disruption: What to Expect
The IoT market in India stood at USD 5.6 billion with 200 million connected devices in 2016 and is expected to grow to USD 15 billion with 2.7 billion devices by 2020, according to a study by NASSCOM and Deloitte, supported by GE. Unlike the global market, where consumer IoT dominates, the Indian IoT space is going to be driven by industry adoption.
Despite being in its infancy, the IoT technology already has sporadic examples of existing, and prospective uses across a wide range of industries. The early adopters have already experienced its impact in digital transformation, facilitating new business models, improving efficiency, and generating new revenue streams. These include industries such as utilities, manufacturing, automotive and healthcare.
In the next few years, IoT is predicted to see mass adoption, as the ‘connected’ devices become smarter. As a first step, more organizations will start to analyse the data generated to predict customer behaviors and manage customer relationships.
In the banking sector, digitalization coupled with the adoption of Blockchain is predicted to give major impetus to the use of IoT.
Along with many other challenges, security will continue to be a big concern for companies. Organizations will need to rethink the way security and identity management have so far been managed. Not just that, IoT will revolutionize the traditional way of doing almost everything across business units.
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Expert Tip
Ensuring IoT Security
Ensuring IoT Security
Security should be one of the top most priorities for any enterprise planning to adopt IoT. Ask your vendor for the security documentation to ensure that security was incorporated during the IoT development process and adequate guidelines have been met. Check if the architecture used by the IoT device fits your enterprise environment and examine the kind of data captured by the device so that privacy and security requirements are met. Ensure that any IoT device that you implement in the network can be monitored and controlled.
Big Win, Swan Solutions won a large deal worth 10.10CR from one of its large BFSI client for HPE Storage. Customer was an HPE install base, having all their Core Applications on HP XP24000 storage and there was a Big replacement requirement for this expansion project. The replacement of existing XP24000 Storage happened with new generation Monolithic storage. Existing Storage was configured with 128GB Cache, 24 host ports, Dual DKA high performance model, hosting 300 disks comprising of 146GB x71, 450GB x 91, 300GB x 37, 600GB x 49, 1TBx 18, 2TBx 34, Total 172 TB RAW Capacity at DC & DR respectively.
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IFTTT: Bring Your Apps to One Place
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