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March 2017
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Is customer really the king? Whether we agree or not, digital technologies have literally unleashed our customers. They take informed decisions, have become more demanding (rightly so!) and own better channels to share their experience.
It's hard to survive if organizations are not ready to change. And this time, the change is not just about simply plugging in a new processor tweaking a framework. It calls for enterprise-wide transformation and embracing the digital technologies.
Cloud, social, mobile and big data are going to be indispensable in accelerating this digital transformation within the enterprises. Most importantly, digital transformation demands an overhaul in some of the old-school IT principles, as CIOs are expected to lead this change.
Soon enough, your digitization strategy will start to reflect on your P&L. It's going to be a 'digitize or die situation' for all businesses. Let's get in on the act.
Tech Trend
The Emergence of 'DX Economy'
The innovation offered by digital technologies is almost irreplaceable. Proliferation of BYoD, cloud, social and other emerging technologies has triggered the need for an all-encompassing digital transformation, also known as ‘DX’, within enterprises. The impact of digitization is disruptive and wide-ranging, and has the potential to determine the winners and losers.
IDC predicts an explosion of innovation and transformation on top of the 3rd Platform's foundation by 2020, as enterprises commit to digital transformation (DX) on a massive scale, leading to the emergence of the "DX economy".
By the end of this decade, IDC predicts that the percentage of enterprises with advanced DX strategies and implementations will more than double. In next three years, almost 60 percent of the overall enterprise IT spending will be driven by digital business strategies.
Going forward, technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will act as the catalysts for the expansion of digital transformation to all corners of economy, experts argue. Digital will be a key strategic thrust of most CEOs in the next 12 months.
A shift to the digital economy will also call for new skillsets in sales, marketing and customer service to serve the new-age consumers. DX has thus triggered a plethora of changes that will reshape the IT industry in the days to come.
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Expert Tip
The Risks of Creating 'Digital Silos'
Digital transformation is not an overnight journey, but a paradigm shift in an organization’s culture, technology adoption, business processes and skills. To leverage this trend better, IT teams must have a holistic view of the enterprise, including both technology and culture. Any technology implementation should cover an integrated view of all the departments including sales, marketing, HR and customer service. Do not create a 'digital silo'. Instead, work on all-encompassing IT strategy that reduces operating costs and reinforces consistent customer experiences. Define key metrics for digital success for a sustainable digital experience.
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