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issue 31, Oct 2016
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Around the same time last year, the research firm IDC made a very important prediction— "by the end of 2017, two third of global 2000 enterprise CEOs will have digital transformation at the core of their corporate strategy."

Digital is truly here and no organization can ride this new digital wave without embracing Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, a.k.a SMAC. There is a great sense of optimism and opportunity around SMAC, which has changed the pace of traditional IT and reshaped the enterprises.

Ten years ago, Facebook was merely a book of photographs. Today, it’s an important tool for brands across the world to improve customer satisfaction and profits. The digital disruption is further accelerated by powerful use of big data analytics, the growing adoption of cloud and increased enterprise mobility.

SMAC has transformed the relationships between companies and their customers, employees, suppliers and regulators. We have plenty of inspiration and smart use cases for SMAC around us. The challenge however is in deploying these individual technologies as an integrated stack that can serve as the foundation for exceptional business results.

In a world that is highly SMAC`d, every organization will eventually have to take the plunge to be ahead of the game. Choose your path wisely!.


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SMAC Brings Better Prospects to SMBs

SMAC Brings Better Prospects to SMBs

The SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) stack is driving innovation inside enterprises of all sizes across the globe. It's not something companies are bolting into their existing systems to achieve more productivity or efficiency. SMAC is a journey to the 'digital enterprise', which transforms the way you do business and your interactions with your key business stakeholders.

For a large company that has been on the ‘traditional’ growth path for many years, embracing the new model calls for an overhaul and often requires significant effort. However, SMBs and start-ups can be quick to leverage this new wave of technology to achieve the global competences they have always been aiming for. Accessibility to knowledge, targeted marketing & sales, real-time insights and operation excellence are just few of the benefits they look for.

Increasing number of Gen-Y employees, and the proliferation of mobile devices and social networks have been driving the need for SMAC in the SMB space in India. The adoption of public cloud, social tools, analytics and mobility solutions among SMBs in the country has been rising steadily. We have many success stories on how smaller companies have effectively used social or mobile or analytics to improve customer interaction and satisfaction.

However, a substantial number of small and mid-sized companies remain unaware about the business benefits of SMAC and how these four technologies can work in tandem.

CXOs of SMBs need to be the drivers of this change and not get prejudiced by an unsuccessful implementation in the past. The SMAC nexus is an inevitable element for SMBs in improving their product development, GTM, customer interaction, partnerships and profit.

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MPLS connectivity
for 80 branches of a Private Sector Bank across PAN India.

Swan Solutions bagged prestigious order to provide MPLS connectivity for 80 branches of a Private Sector Bank across PAN India.

The order includes complete link provisioning via BSNL MPLS Cloud & Redundant Link Configuration of branch Routers. Swan will additionally provide end to end Link Management Services via its GSDC Center.
Expert Tips

Successful implementation of SMAC technologies can turn out to be a tricky affair for the IT department. It's important that each of the pillars that constitute SMAC work together seamlessly so that a true digital platform is created. Experts say that the first step to any successful SMAC adoption is a change in mindset among CXOs. Implementing all the right technologies may not ensure the desired results. Instead of a 'technology first' approach, organizations should adapt to the new 'digital-first' perspective. Setting vague goals such as becoming a "social enterprise" or "data-driven enterprise" will only widen the gap between IT and business. Other than aligning your goals with the organization's goal, the IT department should focus on choosing the right process, toolsets and implementation strategies around SMAC.
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