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issue 30, Sep 2016
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The past couple of years were really eventful, due to the sheer number and severity of data breaches that the world witnessed. Right from Target to LinkedIn to Yahoo, even the largest businesses that perhaps had the best security measures were on the bad guys radar. And it’s not just the big guys; nearly half of all small enterprises too have been victims of cyberattacks. No business is too big or too small for the hackers.

The identified number of data breaches this year stands at 29,199,068! Imagine that!

Worst still, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted and collaborative in nature. While it's important to try and prevent these attacks, no technology or strategy can keep the Black Hats away from your organization forever.

It’s evident that we need to think beyond our traditional approach to security.

If your focus is only on breach prevention and perimeter security, chances are that you will cause greater risks to your business.

An effective ‘respond & recovery’ plan is essential to put the business back on track in the event of an unforeseen attack. It’s time that we embraced cyber resilience to be able to survive those grievous attacks and sail through the storm.


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The Journey from Prevention to Response

The Journey from Prevention to Response

Cyber resilience as a concept has been evolving rapidly within enterprises and has already become a boardroom discussion in many matured markets. The drivers of cyber resilience are plenty. Irrespective of huge investments around security, an increasing number of organizations are still becoming victims of cyberattacks. Unfortunately, many of these attacks or data breaches are catastrophic to business. Businesses have started realizing that it’s important to prepare themselves for the worst and be able to quickly get back to usual business in the event of an attack. A large majority of organizations however still lack response planning and preparedness, which are the two basic pillars of a resilient organization.

India faces a unique challenge with a large number of connected devices that lead to data exposure and leakage in several unknown ways. To add to it, a lot of SMBs lack the expertise and wherewithal to come up with and implement a holistic resilience plan.

While cyber resilience seems like the panacea, it calls for significant changes to the way security had been approached so far. There is a gradual shift from being 'prevention-oriented' to 'response-oriented' and ‘threat-focused’ to ‘risk-focused’ security. Real-time threat monitoring, analytics, incident response and cyber risk insurance are integral components of cyber resilience.

While resilience is an all-encompassing concept, it’s precisely about being able to respond fast enough to an attack so that its intent is not met and the damage is minimized.

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Swan Solutions bagged prestigious order worth 4.5CR from a Private Financial Services company for D2D Backup Solution. The company has multiple Line of Businesses (LOBs) and each LOB use to have its own Backup Infrastructure for daily backups which was turning out to be a huge challenge in terms of management & cost involved in it. Swan as a solution provider offered a Single cost-effective D2D Solution on a Single Backup Management Console. Thus, eliminating the daily challenges faced by this company. A replication of backed-up data is also available on the DR site as part of their disaster recovery plan.
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Holistic Approach to Cyber Resilience

With no definite way to prevent cyber incidents, it's time that businesses start to build a resilience strategy that can help the organization to quickly get back to business in the event of an attack. The first step towards building a cyber resilient organization is effective risk assessment, followed by the ability to shorten an attack window and impact of data loss. Other than evaluating and minimizing the risk introduced by third parties, organizations need proper policies, technologies and awareness to combat internal threats and malicious employees. Most importantly, security requires a proactive approach, with a core focus on adopting and following mature cyber security practices.
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Q: Why computers should be considered masculine?

A: In order to get their attention, you have to turn them ON.

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