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issue 27, June 2016
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Dear Readers,

Greetings from Swan Solutions!

We live in an era of Internet of Things (IoT) - digitally connected devices play a role in every aspect of our lives including homes, cars, enterprises and even our bodies. We've heard about the benefits IoT can bring to consumers as well as industries like BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail. We must also realise that it implies a whole new level of security concerns.

A friend recently mentioned that he got a warning pop-up while registering for a service online - that his device was on an insecure network. When he got it checked, he realized the network had indeed been hacked for a long while. That's the core problem with IoT - with so many devices connected to the network, it's difficult to ensure that we leave no weak link

It's a challenging task for any IT team to manage the new ecosystem, especially using traditional methods. While you evolve your business to suit newer needs, ensure you plan for a secure network by equipping your team with newer solutions.

This Newsletter will take you through the importance of security in the IoT era. Hope you enjoy reading it!.



Tech Trend
IoT is Changing the Security Landscape

IoT is Changing the Security Landscape

2016 has been a tremendous year of growth for IoT. This tech trend is changing the cyber security landscape in every possible way. Researchers believe that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, and devices will produce ten times the data produced today. While businesses are moving from interest to implementation stages of IoT solutions, network operators are trying to make sure everything is in place to ensure security. And this will affect your organization.

The army of heterogeneous devices, new protocols and network traffic poses a huge threat to enterprises. Today, business data goes through thousands of devices that may be vulnerable, and one weak link can give hackers unlimited access to sensitive data. These changes can increase threat and add new types of risks and breaches.

It is difficult for any IT team to meet new challenges with old fashioned methods. While considering IoT, one must remember that it comes with additional security requirements like fine-grained network access controls, dynamic network segmentation, analytics with threat intelligence and automated remedies. Apart from new technologies and processes, CIOs and CISOs also have to address cultural changes.

The bad news is the industry has a long way to go in implementing the right measures. The good news, however, is that the cyber security landscape is quickly adapting to the new demands of IoT. By partnering with the right vendors, you can stay ahead of competitors and equip your organization to meet the growing demand for security.

Title Big Wins
Swan won a large deal worth 5.2CR from an Indian multinational IT Service, Consulting and Business Solutions company for Procurement, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Hardware (Server & SAN Switches) for GBSS Application for one of India's largest Public Sector Bank. The combination of Server, SAN Switches & the in-house GBSS application developed by Bank will help them execute large number of transactions with Government seamlessly.

We are happy to inform you that we have been recognized as the 'Transformative 100' by ChannelWorld at the Premier 100 Annual Awards for 2016. This is a proud moment for us and we consider it an endorsement of our beliefs.

We were also awarded the "Infrastructure Special Award" for being at the forefront in understanding the technology and tackling the myriad challenges in this space.

A brief write-up on our achievement has been featured on the ChannelWorld website. We hope you find some time to read our success story and share it with your colleagues.

Click here to view our story

Once again, thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing as your digital transformation partner in the year ahead.

Expert Tips
Add Layers To Your Network

Most devices are connected to the corporate network over wireless connections, adding to the vulnerability of your network. Breaches can be avoided by adding extra layers of protection to wireless access. Encrypting network traffic with a gateway device can ensure protection of communication between local networks. This way, enterprise traffic will be encrypted regardless of protocol and can help create a secure environment.
Just for Laughs

The 21st Century: Deleting history is more important than making it.

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