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 Aug 20, 19

According to Forrester Research’s most recent Wave report on Privileged Access Management, 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials. And those breaches aren’t a one off occurrence, according to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), which found that: 82% of data breaches caused by insider misuse took over a week to detect.

Looking at the dire situation that is currently pervasing in many organizations, it is imperative that organizations curate a solution that can help them mitigate the risk of insider threats.

Privileged identity management (PIM) is the monitoring and protection of superuser accounts in an organization’s IT environments.

Oversight is necessary so that the greater access abilities of super control accounts are not misused or abused. Unmanaged super user accounts can lead to loss or theft of sensitive corporate information, or malware that can compromise the network.

Super user accounts, such as those for database administrators (DBAs), CIOs and CEOs,have typically been very loosely governed. Identity management software often leaves super user accounts totally uncontrolled while enabling advanced privileges on the corporate network. Furthermore, the owners of those accounts often have no formal training in managing them.

Usually, such accounts are held by senior management members like the CEO, CIO and Database Administrators (DBA’s). A lot of care is needed to ensure that PI’s are not abused or misused. This is where Privileged Identity Management (PIM) has a role to play. PIM is a domain within Identity Management (IM), which focuses on the monitoring, governance and control of such powerful accounts, within an organization.

How important is Privileged Identity Management for an organization

PIM is very important for an organization because usually the governance of PI’s is not done in a stringent manner and PI’s are generally not controlled by the Identity and Access Management (IAM) system of the network. What complicates the problem is that senior people who own these accounts, seldom have formal training in managing them. This puts the whole network at grave risk because improperly managed PI can be a hotbed for leaking sensitive corporate information. Furthermore, they pose a danger of compromising the entire network through malware.

What are the risks of unmanaged Privileged Identities?

Unmanaged PI’s can be used by external hackers as well as insiders to steal highly confidential and sensitive information that could compromise the entire network. Some matters of concern include:

  • No one knows which privileged credentials are known to whom
  • No one can confirm how strong the passwords to these are and how often they are changed
  • It’s almost impossible to have a proof of who used these privileged logins to gain access to which data and also for what purpose

Because of the reasons mentioned above, these PI’s become the prime targets of hackers and malicious insiders today. The intruders usually combine bugs and vulnerabilities in the firewall software and social grafts, to access individual computers inside secure networks. Once they are able to access a single computer, they use PI’s and administrative accounts to map the organization’s IT infrastructure, for retrieving sensitive information so fast that they can bypass conventional safeguards.

What can Iraje Privileged Identity Manager do for your organisation?

Iraje Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) is a solution for you to automate control over administrative accounts, which typically put too much power in too many people’s hands with too little accountability. Iraje PIM helps to address the security, operational and compliance issues posed by the widely shared administrative accounts and passwords, excessive administrative rights, poor segregation of duties, embedded passwords in legacy applications and scripts, and poor or non-existent privileged- password rotation. The solution also provides individual accountability and an audit trail to prove that policies and controls are actually being enforced. Iraje PIM goes beyond conventional PIM solutions to meet security compliance requirements and improving the overall Governance, Risk and Compliance of organizations.

The Key features of Iraje Privileged Identity Manager

  • Identity & Access governance

    Manage all admin access through AD integration and Single Sign-On.

  • Comprehensive password management

    Manage all privileged passwords of enterprise assets like servers, databases, network devices, firewalls, applications, security appliances & storage devices.

  • Simplified Audit & Compliance

    Single version of the truth of all accesses and activities performed by admins for easy audit and effective compliance.

  • Manage all vendor accesses more effectively

    Role-based access to enterprise infrastructure allows you to manage and control all vendor/external accesses to data centre environment more effectively and transparently.

Why go with Iraje and Swan?

Iraje Privileged Identity Manager is a complete solution to manage, monitor and control the privileged accounts in your enterprise. Swan can assist you in building a holistic identity management solution that can cater to the ongoing needs of your organization.

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