Facial Recognition: The Next Generation Security

 Sep 12, 19

The technological revolution has brought a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. It has made life easier and more efficient. As we speak, a new revolution is waiting to happen. The AI revolution.

With sophisticated algorithms and analytics, machines will be able to do and achieve a lot more than they can right now.

With years of technological development, a new system under the hedge of AI: Facial Recognition, has brought identification to a whole new level, and the solution is being used by all major entities as a measure of security.

What is facial recognition?

Face recognition is a biometric solution designed for the purpose of recognizing a human face without any physical contact required. The solution runs through algorithms that match the facial nodes of a person to the images saved in the database.

Security of any organization or critical location can be enhanced using facial recognition. The versatile nature of facial recognition makes it a preferred choice for added security.

How does it work?

Unlike any other identification solution, face recognition identifies the unique features of the human face and them makes a comparison based on the existing database of photographs. Sensors detect and identify face shapes by the colour of the iris, nose shape, and so on. Identifying the human face includes concentrating on certain unique features, such as the jaw, cheekbones, face shape and so on. Once the image in the database matches with the face of the person concerned, the face is verified.

The non-contact feature of this solution makes the identification and verification of a person’s identity much easier and involves less processing than any other identification system.

Facial biometrics system used for Security

Facial biometrics system has been used as a measure of securities in the topmost institutions and workplaces to ensure that there is no scope of vandalism. This type of software leaves absolutely no room for human error and is a major helping hand. Just by a set of algorithms, the software does geometric and photometric recognition within seconds.

This facial biometrics system has emerged as the master of all recognition software due to its easy applicability and low-cost technology. Its non-contact nature is the best thing about it in the sense that a person through facial recognition, even in a crowded place can be recognized, given that his ../images are saved in the database.

Facial recognition makes access to information more limited and restricted to those who own it.

Facial recognition has made verification relatively easier, with nothing much to equip and a lot of information to access within minutes. It has been as a major component in the field of security. Here’s why:

  • Criminal identification

    The authorities can breathe a sigh of relief with the face recognition system. Its database containing all information about criminals makes it easier to catch them. If the sensor identifies the face with the algorithms and if the face matches, it’s a win! Face recognition software prevents a crime even before it takes place.

  • Surveillance

    Crimes are not committed when you have someone watching over you. Facial recognition keeps a track on everybody in crowded places. Because of CCTV surveillance cameras being installed in crowded areas, the crime rate has been much less.

  • Police Authorities

    Police stations have facial recognition systems to track people who have past criminal records and are wanted. The database when matches with a person’s face, it is easier to get hold of criminals through simple algorithms. The police authorities are alerted if the system shows a face match.

  • Tracking attendance

    Schools and colleges have adopted face recognition both to track attendance and avoid any malicious activity on-premises.

  • Defense Services

    Defense services use face recognition because of the degree of sensitivity involved. Since only a few people have some confidential information hidden with them, with facial recognition, only they can have access to it.

  • Bank Services

    Banks use this product of Artificial intelligence as a security measure to detect any suspects entering without being identified. Basically, the artificial intelligence technology employed in banks is to avoid bank frauds.

  • Online payment

    Security also contains safe online payments. Since each face is unique like a fingerprint, there is no chance that your payment will be hacked, as the payment will be made once your face matches.

  • Airport Service

    In many countries, airports use this system of artificial intelligence to recognize the faces of passengers so that there are no suspected risks involved. Through facial recognition, the information obtained is authentic and avoids any possibility of error.

Swan Solutions and Innefu Labs

We have partnered with Innefu Labs to provide a facial recognition tool, with highly accurate and sophisticated algorithms, and a clean UI, that you can leverage to enhance and automate the security of your organisation.

Our ingenuity and intrepidity to explore and perfect this next generation of security has come down a long way in building a strong partnership that focuses on providing only the best for customers.

How can you leverage this technology

Face recognition/Facial Biometric technology has a very wide range of applications.

For instance: by using the built-in camera of a tablet, smartphone or computer, facial recognition software can replace passwords for device and users account access.

It can be used in offices for security and surveillance purposes. It can also help in efficient usage of parking space, smoke & fire detection.

A robust Visitors Management system is a need of the hour in many corporates because of highly inefficient & repetitive process. Using deep learning algorithms and a highly intuitive UI, you can ensure one time or repeat visitors are not wasting their time in ques. You can automate the entry of visitors in events and conferences or even for one-time events like a potential client comes early to meet you at your office but you are stuck in traffic.

Facial Recognition based employee attendance tool demands not just a highly accurate algorithm and an experienced solution provider to ensure camera angles and light conditions are apt, hardware capabilities and network bandwidth are in tune with the demand and more importantly, a one-click easy to use system.


Technology for sure has matured and is slowly settling into the lives of people due to its usability and has made lives easier. Right from its invention to its accessibility, artificial intelligence is here not just to stay, but to grow and conquer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is facial recognition/Facial Biometrics?

    Facial recognition is a way of recognizing a human face through technology. A simple example of this is the kind of technology we see in photo-editing software.

    Facial recognition software takes your features and turns them into a numerical code.

  • How accurate is the Facial Recognition Softwares?

    The facial recognition software that we provide in partnership with Innefu, has an accuracy rate of 99.31% on still frontal face images. Changes in lighting, face positioning, makeup, hairstyle, facial hair, glasses, and other accessories decrease the accuracy rate.

  • Can I be recognized by Face Recognition Softwares? How?

    Yes, as long as you have at least one picture of your face publicly available online. And yes, social networks count as “public” in most cases. The more photos there are of you on the internet, the greater the chances of the facial recognition software finding a match.

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