Digital Transformation

 Apr 23, 19

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is critical that organizations understand the significance that digital technologies hold and make digitization an active organizational goal; this shift towards digital is called Digital Transformation.

What does Digital Transformation mean?

Digital Transformation can be understood as using digital technologies to re-structure business processed to become more efficient. The idea of a digital transformation aims to integrate business technology into all areas of business, fundamentally changing how organizations provide value to their customers. Digital Transformation for any company should have a clear statement in mind, ‘to close the gap between what digital consumers demand versus what traditional/analog businesses are able to deliver.’

Digital transformation doesn’t just involve implementing hardware or software technologies, to a larger extent, it means to re-define their leadership, encourage innovative thinking and create new business models that incorporate the digitization of the organizations as prominent assets of the organization. All of this is necessary to improve the experience of the organization’s employees, shareholders, stakeholders and customers.

What is Digital Transformation for your organization?

For an enterprise, digital transformation can be structured around various tools and technologies. If we go with statistics, SMAC (Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud) will be at the heart of driving this transformation. A successful digital transformation includes the synergy of sound strategy and quick adaptability.

Gartner estimates 30 billion devices will connect to the internet by 2020, but due to these all-encompassing natures of digital technologies and the ubiquity of digital ecosystems, organizations need to understand that they’re not just creating a dynamic environment—they’re implementing a set of capabilities that will pervade every part of the organization.

Here are five key steps to follow for a practical digital transformation for your business:

  • Understand what impacts your business the most

    Understand what impacts your business the most

    Undertaking a digital transformation is a time-consuming process, however by focusing on the most critical processes organizations can see the improvements that have occurred due to the digital transformation. Organizations must kick start the transformation with the most important processes.

  • Get the right workforce

    Get the right workforce

    To truly see your enterprise reap the fruits of your efforts on a digital transformation, it is pertinent that your organization is able to hire and retain the right people. The employees that you hire must align with the vision of the organization to go digital and adapt the same in their individual processes.

  • Key Emphasis on Customers

    Key Emphasis on Customers

    The customer must be at the center of your aim of this transformation. If you are able to see the customer impact on every decision that you make, you will be more likely to have a transformation that would lead to a positive customer experience. This relates to finding and eliminating the prevalent pain points of your customers using available digital channels to keep customers happy.

  • Understand the shortcomings

    Understand the shortcomings

    In today’s age it is important to understand where an organization is lacking and what can it do to fix this problem. Insights that pervade the organization at every process and outcome enable the organization to see and solve potential issues before they become real organizational issues and cause damage.

  • Empower your workforce with Data

    Empower your workforce with Data

    While your customers are the center focus of your organization, it is your employees that keep the show running. When organizations are able to provide the right employees with the right data in the relevant context, the organization will be more productive and efficient.


A digital business ecosystem is a marketplace of functions and information. Swan can help your organization achieve its digitization goals and create a dynamic ecosystem that would be fit for today’s digital world. Swan’s expertise for digital transformation lies in technologies such as Aruba ClearPass and Microsoft Azure that can help your organization thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

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