• 5 Top IoT Trends For 2019

    Posted on May 8 19

    By 2008, there were already more things connected to the internet than people. Now, more than a decade later, this number is will soon touch 50 billion.

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  • Digital Transformation

    Posted on Apr 23 19

    In today’s dynamic business environment, it is critical that organizations understand the significance that digital technologies hold and make digitization an active organizational goal; this shift towards digital is called Digital Transformation.

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  • What is DevOps and Why does it matter?

    Posted on Apr 9 19

    DevOps is the latest buzzword in the IT industry and almost every organisation in the world is planning to implement it, if they haven’t already. The reason for that is very obvious.

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  • Containers vs Serverless — What Should You Use?

    Posted on Jan 30 19

    Containers and microservices have been around for sometime, serverless computing are a rather new buzzword and almost every company wants to take advantage of it.

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  • Why SMB and Enterprise Customers Should Implement Azure Disaster Recovery and Backup

    Posted on Nov 22 18

    In the event of an unforeseen disaster, your organisation needs to be equipped with a detailed contingency plan to ensure uninterrupted access to applications and minimal losses. By taking advantage of Azure’s ​Disaster Recovery​ and ​backup​ services, you can protect your business’s IT infrastructure and assets from any service disruptions.

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  • HPE Simplivity – Experience a faster technology for a smoother IT Management

    Posted on Oct 26 18

    Accelerated amplitude of applications and increasing cost of maintaining the traditional Infrastructure, causes a worthy of attention in the IT department of every organization. With Hyper Converged Infrastructure, you can manage your IT operations at a blink of your eye by combining your IT Infrastructure into a single, integrated all-flash solution.

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  • HPE Greenlake – Experience Cloud Infrastructure with on-Premise Control

    Posted on Oct 26 18

    In today's world, OEM and System Integrators are promoting for Data Storage on a Cloud Environment. This concept lets an organization transfer their entire company database to a Private or Public cloud without incurring additional Infrastructure or real-estate cost with the provided facility of the pay-as-you-go model. Though, this is a new concept many IT managers show a negative response as they don’t feel their data is safe without having a full on-premise control over it.

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