Cutting Edge Servers and Networking Equipment from global giants for your enterprise IT infrastructure.

The heart of any successful IT environment is a solid, reliable and, scalable platform consisting of Servers, Networking and Backup technologies. Since 1989, Swan has designed, installed, and deployed several server/networking & backup solutions. Our clients include single location Medium businesses to large multi-site enterprises that support thousands of users across PAN India.

Swan can help you implement proven infrastructure solutions from our partners such as HP, IBM, Cisco, etc. We combine robust technologies to establish powerful platforms that are scalable, flexible and agile.  The result is a dynamic infrastructure that aligns with your business objectives.

Overview of our Infra Solution offerings

  • Data Center Transformation
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Imaging and Printing
  • Desktops & Noteboooks


  •  Deliver more value to our customers
  • Integrates technologies into shared pools of interoperable resources
  • Accelerate time-to-business value for IT organizations and service providers in large and mid-sized enterprises
  • Drive business growth by accelerating IT innovation and responsiveness
  • Manage risks by accelerating security and disaster recovery
  • Lower costs by accelerating ROI and sustainability
  • Modernize data center facilities, infrastructure and applications

Technology Partners

  • HP
  • HPN
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • Lenovo
  • Acer

Our Partners